Camarilla Leadership

The Camarilla is a global organization that maintains and oversees a collection of feudal domains, particularly in North America and Europe. It is a loose alliance lacking a strong central authority or standing military. Individual Camarilla cities are almost always ruled by a prince with the assistance of the primogen, who either act as a council of advisers or hold their own measure of power. Other offices of a city include the harpy, Keeper of Elysium, seneschal, sheriff, and scourge.

Most Camarilla cities are fairly autonomous, and the broader Camarilla authority usually only becomes involved when there are concerns of a large Sabbat incursion, significant breaches of the Masquerade, or conflicts between a city’s elders that could cause greater instability. In such cases one or more archons are dispatched to look into the matter and either resolve the matter or report back to their respective justicar. Whereas there are any number of archons that have been enlisted to serve the sect’s leaders, there is only one justicar for each official clan in the Camarilla. These influential vampires represent the highest visible authority of the Camarilla and hold tremendous power to enforce the sect’s precepts and call on its resources. They answer only to the Inner Circle, a secretive body of the Camarilla’s eldest members that determines the sect’s direction and policies.

New York City

The Prince – Vacant

The PraxisThe Foustian Syndicate

The Seneschal – Vacant

Elder of the Bronx – Vacant

Elder of Brooklyn – Vacant

Elder of Manhattan – Vacant

Elder of Queens – Vacant

Elder of Staten Island – Vacant

The Sheriff – Vacant

The Scourge – Vacant

The Keeper of Elysium – Vacant

The Harpy – Vacant

The Whip

The Primogen

Brujah Primogen – Marcus Boyle

Ventrue Primogen – Vincent Viennatti

Toreador Primogen – Christophe Ricardo


The Archons

Known Archons – Trula Marley, Ludu Sein

The Justicars

Known Justicars – Michael “Berek” Goldman

The Inner Circle

Camarilla Leadership

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