Geneva Debates

In 2009, after the cataclysmic betrayal by the Justicar George, Sr and the bloody loss of New York City, the Camarilla leadership in Geneva, Switzerland called an extraordinary meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to host a debate on the seemingly intractable position the Camarilla found itself in, a deceptively simple proposition. What transpired was an unprecedented re-examination of the entirety of unlife, the foundations of Kindred life, and the very nature of the Camarilla.

While no firm conclusions came from the debates, no treaties signed or official policies altered, it was a groundbreaking moment in the history of the Camarilla, and indeed, in the history of Kindred themselves. The greatest Kindred (and some whisper, Lupine and magician) minds came together to debate and argue the issues at the very center of everyone’s universe.

Notable attendees include Ludu Sein, Rabbi Ibrahim, Trula Marley, Berek, Saif Ali Al-Moussawi, Sir Edward Stafford, Jozef de Veuster, and Ashton Sever.

Below is a selection of quotes from “The Geneva Debates” transcripts, courtesy of the Foustian Syndicate.


“Have you ever examined the enemy’s propaganda? Lies, surely, but do they not serve a purpose, a purpose like ours, beyond the mortality and chaos of humanity? Their prophecies are superstitious myths, but like all myths, a grain of truth can feed an army.

I know, I know, please, be seated. There are no ancients waiting to devour us, I believe it as do you. But then what is the stone we are founded upon, what use is the order? There is no Jyhad, but then why do we war? You can’t deny it! Sit down, sir, I am speaking! These are not the Final Nights, but surely an evolution must occur, even the elders are changed, and changing still before your lying eyes!

Something is terribly wrong, something is stopping us from moving forward. I suggest you open your mind a little and listen. Listen to what the enemy is saying. We are not victims, but struggling with a devil of our own creation. How long can we deny and reject? Listen to them. Something is wrong."

- Archon Ludu Sein

* * *

Geneva Debates

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