Chat Rules

Basic Functions

This is an action → ::Bob walks to the door and opens it::

This is dialogue → Hello, my name is Bob

This is Out Of Character → ((Can Bob use his Auspex in this room?))


  1. NO Netspeak – No OMGs, LOLs, WTF, etc
  2. Please do not use elipses to denote pauses. This is what dashes are for.
  3. Exclamation points mean you are shouting. If you ask a question, use a Question Mark
  4. Do not ever ever end a sentence in elipses
  5. Do not use smileys, as everything that is written in this chat is considered dialogue
    If you need to denote tone, use an action.
    For example
    You’re a real asshole, Josh ::he says sarcastically::
  6. Do not make decisions for other players. Give other players and NPCs a chance to respond
    For example
    Do not do this → ::I shove Bob to the floor::
    Rather do this → ::I shove Bob:: and allow either me, the Storyteller, or Bob himself to respond with something like ::Bob stumbles backwards and falls to the floor::
  7. Always give other players a chance to respond, especially in moments of intense and complicated dialogue
    So if you say “Tell me right now or I’ll kill you!”
    And they don’t chat back in 10 seconds
    Nothing happens
    Give everyone a chance to type
  8. The only ((Out of Character)) stuff that should happen in the game channel should be directly related to the game
    For example
    ((Can I use this Discipline? What is the difficulty for the roll?))
    All other OOC chat should be done in the Admin channel
  9. You are also more than welcome to communicate with each other privately over IMs
    But please be ATTENTIVE to the game
    Leave Facebook, Farmville, etc alone for the time being
  10. If anyone needs a break (for example, I will often run and smoke) just let me know and we’ll do it
  11. If you have to step away from the computer, let everyone know with ((brb)). If you will be longer than just a few minutes, please specify how long.
  12. Do not type in all caps, either to yell or for emphasis. Use asterisks instead. For example, I * really * need to get out of here, instead of I REALLY need to get out of here.


  1. You do not need a webcam or microphone to play, we only use the instant messaging capability in Skype.
  2. Please do not Call other players or the Storyteller in the middle of gaming
  3. You must turn on Typing Notifications so that other players can see when you are typing. The Storyteller is exempt from this.

Chat Rules

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