Buchanan's Haven

Buchanan rents a 2 bedroom basement apartment at 42 Rivington Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. (No, not bought – that would cost upwards of $1.6 million!)

42 rivington street

It’s a Bohemian area undergoing advanced yuppification – full of up-market bars, restaurants and clubs and reputedly a favorite hang-out of the Kine stars Moby and Lady GaGa. A great place to meet Buchanan’s preferred taste in blood – trophy wives.

The apartment has a security door of wood over a steel door, CCTV and multiple locks and windows with external bars. Internally, there’s solid brick a foot behind those deliberately-grimy windows. I’ve had it furnished to my exacting and expensive but subdued tastes, of course – except for the second bedroom which is now a barebones room with a thick steel door which locks on the inside, eyebolts on the walls and a drain in the floor.

Buchanan s apartment

Buchanan's Haven

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