Stripped Cog Nightmare

Stripped Cog Nightmare

Stripped Cog Nightmare is SpYttE’s project of a band that he has kept going since 2006, and has gone through line-up changes comparable only to Megadeth (under thirty years and over twenty past musicians). Their lyrics span mostly blood, violence, unlife, vampirism, sex, misanthropy, substance abuse, and generally giving the middle finger to society and those who run it. Sometimes all in the same song. SpYtte’s consistent band-mates are SLyMe and slEDGe, a pair of competent multi-instrumentalists of excellent skill, who seem to put up with his unruly and asinine behavior for the most part. Guitarists, however, don’t seem to be so understanding. He tends to run them out on a show by show basis, usually with bruised egos, broken limbs, or lack of blood in their veins.

SLyMe and slEDGe have no idea that SpYttE is a vampire. They think that he is just a night living, eccentric addict, in no way linked with any disappearances of past guitarists, rather just the reason why they left. One may speculate that the only reason that they have stayed with SpYttE is that they recognize his talent and competence as a song writer. Or that they have nothing better to do, and follow him because they know that where ever he is going there will be fights, thrills, and usually cute, mostly teenage goth-girls to pass the time.

The Beginning and Early Years
Bored with the direction life was going, SpYttE decided to bring together a music project to make his nights more amusing. He came across a Jackson Concert 4 string bass in a pawn shop which he proceeded to take, in the process successfully evading a very irate shop keeper. He later acquired a PA system of mediocre grade through his Sire. After coming across a slightly damaged Marshal amp cabinet, he began the search for other night dwelling musicians. Luckily for him, they were not in short supply.

He met a drummer by the name of Michael Werner outside of a bar in down town New York City. After a lengthy conversation, SpYttE decided that he would like him for his project. Michael accepted, and SpYttE had christened him SLyMe. Later down the line, SpYttE ran into a guitarist by the name of Byron Smith and a keyboardist named Joseph Jonson watching a local band called Butt-Monkey-Extravaganza. Impressed by the pair of them, he offered them positions in the band which they both accepted. They went through only one practice session, and left the next day, Byron quoted as calling it “Crude and ridiculous” and Joseph stating “(It’s)Just not my forte”.

Not too later on, SpYttE was contacted by keyboardist Allan Pearce, looking for a band for his brother, bassist Roy Pearce Jr., and himself to join, having been fired from BlackNail. After a short audition, Allan was hired, but SpYttE found Roy’s playing sub-par to his own, so Roy was not hired. Later that night, SpYttE christened Allan slEDGe, supposedly after seeing how “right” he looked with a sledgehammer in his hands.
Bloody Rubber Demo, Hymen of Mortality Demo, and BloodRape Demo

It took another month to get another guitarist (by the name of Steve Kyler) and they set immediate work writing and recording their first demo, Bloody Rubber. Reception was almost nil, due to the poor quality and the generally mediocre songs. It received little play in only the most run-down strip clubs and goth/scene bars. Steve Kyler was kicked out in the middle of his seventh show due to excessive hamming of his guitar work and disagreements with SpYttE. He was quickly replaced by Jimmy Dijon, who lasted three shows and went missing on the night of his third show. After a week, Mick De Leon was filling in the slot for guitar and they immediately focused on the next demo and playing as many gigs as they could feasibly get their hands on.

It didn’t take long for the next demo to be released, this time professionally distributed by iHateYourLife Inc. With proper distribution, better sound quality, and stronger tracks, Hymen of Mortality was released to much more favorable reception. called it a “Terrifying, blood soaked golden nugget amidst the many of New York’s Manson wannabe acts”. However, the album didn’t sell particularly well, and having professional distribution was a financial mistake that set them back horribly. What it did accomplish was a significant increase in the fan base, particularly in the Goth-punk teenager sector, and received mild airplay while being a local dance club hit.

They played more shows and almost immediately lost Mick De Leon, due to irreconcilable differences with SpYttE, and went through three more guitarists (Nick Lazlo, George “SMaKK” Dorn, and Mick Loveless, chronologically) before finally becoming the opening act for Dredge Symphonia in their New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont leg of the tour, also because of their status as a “night-prowling band”. This was also a landmark for them, by fact that they kept a guitarist for eight shows(Jonny Lazlo(No relation)).

Blood rape
Upon their return, they immediately set out to record their follow-up to Hymen of Mortality. It was then that they had produced their strongest musical opus yet, BloodRape, which was a smash of a success, this time distributed by Ogre Distribution Ltd. It was a dance club favorite and a minor sales success. “Neurotic Embrace” found it’s way to local airplay and garnered a huge jump in their fan base. But, of course, it saw the loss of another guitarist, as Jonny Lazlo disappeared just days after the release of BloodRape, leaving Stripped Cog Nightmare lacking a guitarist, once again.

Upcoming Demo and current events

Currently, another demo is being planned and more shows are being played. Scott Hemato is the current guitarist, and his likelihood of staying is not particularly high. SpYttE also mentions that he now has “Personal obligations” which will slow further progress. “I’ve got to have a life- ::chuckles:: and this is how I’m going to live it. If you don’t like it ::makes obscene gesture:: suck it!”


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Stripped Cog Nightmare

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