Stafford Clegg's NYC Offices

Stafford clegg officesStafford Clegg, LLoyd’s of London insurance brokers since 1886, have their American headquarters in New York, on the Avenue of The Americas in Manhattan. Their New York offices are a massive 45-floor skyscraper, but while they own the whole building they only use a portion – the top ten floors – and rent out the rest to investment banks, insurance companies, stock traders and other financial companies. There is extensive underground parking with CCTV and 24 hour security, including a gated access to street level, where Buchanan keeps his beloved Merc and a helicopter pad on the roof.

The security, cleaning and reception staff are all Stafford Clegg employees, however, and Buchanan tries to ensure they all think well of the eccentric British high-flyer who has been sent from Head Office in the UK.

Buchanan has his own private office here, with a card-lock and a key lock. It’s on the 44th floor and the thick (bulletproof plexiglass) windows have been carefully blocked out with thick wooden panelling. There he keeps a computer with internet connection, a private fax machine and two phones – one tied into the main switchboard and another which is a private landline. The 44th and 45th floors are reserved for executives, and are reached by private elevator from the 43rd. He has no secretary of his own, instead using Edgar St.John-Bowles, his retainer’s, personal secretary. The 45th floor is where Edgar has his office, as befits the Director of US Operations, along with a suite of conference rooms.

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Stafford Clegg's NYC Offices

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