Earning Points

5 points – Create a character concept, bio, description, and picture for your character on Obsidian Portal.

2 points – Fill out a wiki page

1 point – Fill out an adventure log

0 – 5 points – Every session. Note: sometimes I give 0

Best Role Player – Each session the players will vote on who acted the best, who the best role player was. The best then gets an experience bonus.

Re-cap – At the end of each session, we all talk as a group about what we learned. What new information was revealed? Did you meet any new characters? What’s happening with the plot? This dialogue will inform how much experience I give out at the end of a session (0 – 5).

Spending Points

You must spend your experience points regularly. You may not bank or save up your points unless you have a specific goal in mind (ex. I’m trying to get Presence 5, I need more in Computers). Once you start banking points, you can’t change your mind and dump them into something else. Make a plan and stick to it.

You may only spend points on things that you have used recently. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 unspent experience points. If you have never fired a gun, you cannot buy a dot in Firearms. If you haven’t been using Potence, no, you can’t raise it. This is to preserve a sense of realism, and to prevent characters from magically waking up one day with more knowledge of politics, or more Charisma, or whatever.

Experience Point Costs

New Ability 3
New Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy 7
New Discipline 10
Attribute current rating x 4
Ability current rating x 2
Clan Discipline current rating x 5 (see 1)
Out of Clan Discipline current rating x 7*
Secondary Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy) current rating x 4
Virtue current rating x 2 (see 2)
Humanity current rating x 2
Willpower current rating
  1. Caitiff have no clan-based Disciplines, just as they have no clan. For them, the cost of raising Disciplines is the current rating x 6 for all Disciplines.
  2. Increasing a Virtue through experience does not increase Traits based on that Virtue (Humanity, Willpower).


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