William DeVries

The Harmless Tremere


Clan: Tremere
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Judge

Strength 2; Dexterity 3; Stamina 2; Charisma 3; Manipulation 4; Appearance 3; Perception 4; Intelligence 4; Wits 4

Talents: Alertness 3; Athletics 1; Brawl 1; Dodge 2; Empathy 3; Expression 3; Leadership 3; Subterfuge 3
Skills: Drive 1; Etiquette 2; Performance 1; Survival 1
Knowledges: Academics 3; Computer 1; Investigation 1; Linguistics 1 (Latin)
Occult 4; Politics 3; Science 1

Backgrounds: Generation – 10th ; Resources – 3; Contacts – 2; Retainer – 1; Status – 2
Disciplines: Auspex 2; Dominate 1; Thaumaturgy – Focused Mind 3; Thaumaturgy – Lure of Flames 1
Virtues: Conscience 2, Self-Control 4; Courage 4
Thaumaturgy Rituals: Purge the Inner Demon, Expedient Paperwork, Bureaucratic Condemnation, Incorporeal Passage

Merits: Natural Leader
Flaws: Haunted

Humanity: 6
Willpower: 9
Blood Pool (1/turn): 13

Freebie Points: Academics/Occult/Politics 3 (6), Computer 1 (2), Occult 4 (2), Expression 3 (2), Willpower 9 (5), Thaumaturgy – Lure of Flames 1 (7), Leadership 2 (2), Generation 3 (1)

Experience Earned: 12
Experience Remaining: 13
Expenditures: Auspex 2 (5xp), Leadership 3 (4)


Part 1

From his earliest days, William DeVries had a mystery to solve. His mother, a folklorist and author, had disappeared less than a year after he was born, leaving no trace. His grandparents told him stories that she had delved too deep into the secrets of their native Salem, and that she was taken by dark powers. His father assured him that was nonsense, but refused to speak on the matter.

Young William believed that he was destined to discover the truth, and he did everything a nine-year-old could to uncover his family’s secrets. He read his mother’s books, then hunted down every book that she had cited in her own works. He found the stories of witchcraft in old Salem to be fascinating, but they did not get him any closer to finding her.

Eventually, his father learned what William had been up to, and outright forbid his son from reading any more of that “fantastic filth.” Obviously, the elder DeVries merely caused William to suspect that his father knew more than he was letting on. Sneaking into his father’s room and searching for secret panels or hidden doors, William tripped over a small shoebox. It was filled with letters and scraps of paper, all in his mother’s handwriting. He was about to flee back to his own room to read through it all, when his father found him. “I should have known you’d find it eventually,” said the man, “or perhaps I should have hidden it. Go ahead. It has the answers you seek.” William started to read.

That night, William DeVries stopped finding joy in uncovering mysteries. His mother was not dragged off by screaming fiends or turned into a toad by witches; she ran off with some man she had met during her studies. Mr. DeVries explained that after William’s birth, she seemed anxious at a family life, that she tried to recapture a wild and raucous youth that she’d never had. Diary entries and letters to friends corroborated it, including one where she ranted about wanting to escape from “that squalling brat.” The archaic vocabulary only made it sting more.

Part 2

William’s Mantra
“As I was learning to harness the flame, I found myself having difficulty maintaining composure. Even knowing that the fire upon my hand was incapable of harming me, the beast within recoiled from it. In order to master it, I devised a mantra that let me handle the flame without fear.

Fire is Light. You do not fear Light.
Fire is Warmth. You do not fear Warmth.
Fire is Power. You do not fear Power."
—-From the Research Journal of William DeVries

William DeVries

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