Victor Gabriel Cadiz

The newest addition to the Coterie, and perhaps the least trusted...


Str 2, Dex 3, Sta 2
Cha 4, Man 3, App 3
Per 2, Int 3, Wit 2

=Key Abilities=
Performance 5 – Skilled actor, able to lose himself in a role.
Melee 4 – Part of his training for the stage, or so he tells everyone.
Empathy ?
Subterfuge ?

Conscience 3
Self-Control 4
Courage 3

Willpower 8

Celerity 2
Potence 1
Presence 3

Resources 0 – Recently quit a starring role in a Broadway play in order to better aid the Coterie.
Contacts 1 – His agent, who is annoyed with him over his recent career move.
Herd 1 – A small group of proteges that he meets with for occasional “acting lessons.”
Generation 3 (6) – 8th Generation Brujah, due to Diablerie (Houserules add 2).

=Merits and Flaws=
Infamous Sire – George Prescott, a.k.a. George Sr., a.k.a Head of the United States Sabbat.
New Arrival – He has only arrived in New York within the past 6 months.

Eidetic Memory – Useful for memorizing lines, or important pieces of intelligence.
Enchanting Voice – Whether speaking in his fake accent or his natural one, Victor can talk.


Totally not a Diablerist or a Sabbat spy, he swears.

Actually, one of those is a lie, and Victor certainly has other secrets of equal import. His entire identity is an elaborate fabrication.

Victor was born in Miami as Gabriel Cortez, and survived the rough streets of that city by learning to blend in. He kept out of trouble by appearing to be a tough gangbanger who no one wanted to mess with. In secret, he was a gentle and quiet young man with a passion for acting. He wanted nothing more than to make it to college and enter the theatre, but George Prescott had other plans.

Prescott lured the young man in with promises of social change and a better world. As Gabriel learned soon after his embrace, this better world was only available to vampires, while the mortals would be reduced to cattle. Horrified, Gabriel bided his time, becoming Prescott’s trusted subordinate. Then, as his sire prepared to spark an all-out war between the vampire factions of Miami, Gabriel brought the mortal authorities in. In the confusion, Prescott’s organization was scattered, and Gabriel fled to Europe.

In the E.U., Victor Gabriel Cadiz was created to allow Gabriel to have the life he always wanted. With his natural talent and vampiric presence, Victor quickly became a popular stage actor, touring the Continent and the British Isles for the next few years. Finally, he received a chance to appear on Broadway, and he happily accepted.

Unfortunately, Victor’s return to his home country was complicated by the reappearance of his sire. Prescott began to move against the Camarilla in New York City, and Victor found himself a part of the Sheriff’s coterie, fighting against the forces of the Sabbat. This coterie has become a family, though a dysfunctional one. He still mourns for Corinth Rutledge, a fellow victim of Prescott’s schemes, he has developed a rare friendship with Leon O’Ryan, and he has taken a young mortal under his wing in the hopes of training a protege.

In the course of the fighting, Victor has done things that he finds distasteful and horrifying. To allay the fears of several Sabbat elders, he partook of the Vaulderie and nearly rejoined the Sabbat, barely resisting long enough for his coterie to complete their mission and wipe out the elders. Then, after hunting down a rogue Tremere, he accidentally diablerized the weakened mage. These events weigh heavily upon him.

Victor has recently quit his play in order to devote himself entirely to stopping Prescott. He splits his time between supporting the other members of the coterie, and providing instruction to the neonates and ghouls the coterie is amassing. He stands ready to assist the coterie in whatever way they need, be it as a swordsman, as a diplomat, or as captain of the yacht.

Victor Gabriel Cadiz

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