Tamara Woy

Naive and sheltered young trophy wife


I love this city. So like my home in many ways, so busy and never sleeping. And yet so different in many others. I know so little about it and my husband is too busy. Pergaps we can explore together, yes?

When Chang-Su Woy was promoted from running the Seoul branch of Bank of America to become an executive at the New York offices he took his new wife with him, a girl of good family and breeding if rather younger than himself. Unfortunately, his duties left little time for his young wife who has been cooped up most of the time in their expensive Manhattan apartment, alone and knowing little about her new surroundings.

Recently, on one of her rare solo forays into Manhattan’s evenings, to see a movie, she literally bumped into Buchanan and he and she fell to talking. They agreed to be each others companions in exploring their new city together and since then meet regularly. For her part, Tamara has yet to tell her husband about her new aquaintance. For his part, Buchanan keeps her memories of his feedings clouded – she thinks their relationship is a platonic friendship, nothing more.

Tamara Woy

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