Melvin "SpYttE" Crauss

Goth-Punk Poet


At the time of greatest darkness, at the dark of the moon. At the time when madness murmurs and your life’s at its lowest ebb. That’s when I’ll come for you. (“Your Blighted Soul” – SpYtte, 2005.)

Concept: Warrior punk and Goth poet, discovering his poetry anew. Embraced in 2006.

Strength 3 Dexterity 5 Stamina 4 Charisma 4 Manipulation 1 Appearance 3 Perception 3 Intelligence 3 Wits 4

Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 5, Expression 3, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 3, Drive 2, Firearms 1, Melee 2, Performance 2, Stealth 4, Survival 1, Academics 1, Computers 1, Investigation 1, Law 1, Politics 1.

Backgrounds: Generation – 12th, Mentor – Marcus (Sire), Status 1, Resources 2, Herd 4, Fame 1.
Disciplines: Celerity 3, Potence 3, Presence 2.
Virtues: Conscience 2, Self Control 4, Courage 4.
Merits/Flaws: None.

Humanity: 7
Willpower: 5
Blood Pool (1/turn): 11


FREEBIE SPENDS: Potence +1 (7), Presence +1 (7), Humanity +1 (1), Self Control +1 (2), Brawl +1 (2), Stealth +1 (2), Intimidation +1 (2), Streetwise +1 (2)

EXPERIENCE SPENDS: Dodge +1 (2), Drive +1 (2), Stealth +1 (6)


Mentor: Sire, Marcus Boyle of Queens. Both SpYttE and his Sire have been in hiding these last few years.

Herd: A troupe of 30 young Goth-punk girls dotted all over Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx. Nicole Averette is his particular favorite at the moment.

Resources: Mostly trickle-down money from Marcus’ drug-dealing and other odd jobs for Marcus’ people. $8,000 cash and about $1,200 a month income.

EQUIPMENT LIST: Long-sleeve t-shirt, bondage pants, “Doc Martin” boots, 2 heavy onyx rings on rings on right hand, empty Zippo lighter, wallet with big wad of cash ($8,000), Bowie knife in ankle sheath, Glock17 auto pistol and one clip (Kept at home unless stated otherwise).

BAND EQUIPMENT: Jackson Concert 4 String Bass (Mildly-scraped condition), A Marshal Amp Cabinet (battered, but in working order), Shure Wireless Microphone and stand, and one Peavey PA speaker cabinet.

HAVEN INFORMATION: Has an apartment on the top floor of a block in the Cypress Hill projects in Queens. The door is steel, with an intercom and CCTV. The windows are all boarded over.


Born as Melvin Crauss, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Melvin fashioned the name SpYttE in his high school years as an aspiring Goth Synth-Punk vocalist and bassist. His tenure in bands was always short lived, as his already caustic personality only worsened when he drank, and his frequent drunkenness always seemingly ended in a drunken brawl. He dropped out of high school to devote his time to music, which would prove to be a bad move on his part, considering his track record and his amateur level of performance, and fell upon hard times. It was then that he heard of Liquid Squid, a promising local band whom were about to hit off the tour for their sophomore album, Stonefish, and that they were in need of a roadie and bass tech. He joined them for only a portion of the tour, as a his life was derailed in New York City on August 29th 2006.

At the end of a successful show, he hit up a local bar for “a couple” of drinks. He became thoroughly inebriated , started a fight and was thrown out of the bar, only for him to hit up the alley ways of New York City for a pot-dealer. He approached a particularly large black man, and asked him if he was holding. When he did not get the answer that he was looking for, he started another fight, only for it to end as the last fight he would ever have in life. The man made short order of him, quickly snatched his fist in mid-punch, twisted his arm behind his back, then sunk his fangs into his neck. SpYtte remembers it as his most peculiar sensation – a mix of excruciating pain and exquisite pleasure followed by a fall into eternal night.

SpYttE awoke to a red, raging thirst and his new Sire holding him by the scruff and forcing blood from a gash on his Sire’s arm into his mouth. The stern black man manhandled SpYttE out of the alley and forced him into the trunk of a car – then drove off, leaving the poor newly Embraced vampire consumed by an insane lust for blood. SpYttE has no idea how long he was in that trunk – hours, a single night, two or more – but when the lock was finally popped he was confronted by his Sire, effortlessly restraining a youth in gang colors. SpYttE fell on him like a hawk on a mouse, rending and tearing at the youth’s flesh before sinking his fangs deep into his neck and draining his prey dry. In the aftermath, as sanity flooded back, SpYttE found a new high he’s valued ever since – to ride the ragged edge of insanity and blood-thirst, testing himself to the limits of his endurance and even beyond – before allowing himself release.

His new Sire, Marcus, then explained to SpYttE that they were both undead, vampires, ambush predators who must hide from the sun and from the prey. He explained that there were others like them but they would have little contact with them – for every predator competes with others for territory and prey. And he began to explain, as the weeks became months and then years, that even predators could sometimes work together in ways that didn’t depend on blood bonds. He explained the Camarilla and the Traditions. One day, you see, it would be time to come out of hiding.

He busied himself with local night-dwelling bands, until eventually he created his own project, Stripped Cog Nightmare, as bassist and lead vocalist, with the local populace. His only consistent members tend to be a synth/keyboardist Allan “slEDGe” Pearce and drummer Michael “SLyMe” Werner. Otherwise, he ends up running guitarists out on a show-by-show basis (And this statement is not always in hyperbole). Their demos Bloody Rubber, Hymen of Mortality, and BloodRape, are their only album outputs to date, with the latter being their biggest splash of a hit, yet. Though they are not known in the southern states, they have much local acclaim among the goth-punks and night-dwelling types, with their fan base being largely populated by gothic teenage girls.

His tenure with his Sire is now up, as now that he is Accounted, he now must forge his own way. That way shall be unveiled through time’s passage and it shall pass sooner than you think…

Melvin "SpYttE" Crauss

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