Michael "SLyMe" Werner

Drummer and co-founder of Stripped Cog Nightmare. He is known locally as one of the most able metal and industrial drummers in the NYC area, known for his triplet-pattern drum fills and unorthodox placement of cymbal crashes.


Early Life

Born Michael Jason Werner, in his native state of Stetson, Maine, he moved down to New York in his middle school years. It was during this time that he was introduced to music, joining the school band, learning the xylophone and snare drum by the time he was in high school. By that time, he was introduced to Nine Inch Nails, Rush, and Tool, who have influenced them to this day. He recieved his first drum kit from his grandmother in his Junior year, a Pearl 8 piece kit with Sabien cymbals. He practiced constantly, doing his best to imitate his influences for days on end, stopping only when he too exhausted to keep playing. He joined many bands on the local circuit, most of them prog or industrial bands including Flying Snake, ESP’D, Menstrual Hell, and Violent Little Piggies. It was when he joined his first extreme metal band, Smirk of the Damned, that he bought a twelve piece kit that he merged with his own, and began experimenting with blast beats and fast-paced tempos.

Stripped Cog Nightmare

After being fired from his last band, Playce Matt, he found SpYttE on his way into a local bar, and was intrigued by his appearance and mannerisms. Upon hearing that SpYttE was looking to form an industrial metal band, Michael immediately requested to join. After one short audition, Michael was hired on and christened SLyMe, supposedly due to the “slimy tone to his voice”, according to SpYttE.

His contributions to all of the demos have been significant, co-writing “Fuck Sparkling”, “Underworld is Retarded”, and “BloodRape” among others. He largely eschews blast beats, with only “Smashing Headstones” and “Arisen Vlad” containing them.

He refuses to comment on SpYttE’s current outer-band work nor the next demo.

Band Equipment

His kit is made of two different kits, Pearl and DDRUM respectively. He currently works with Sabien cymbals and Vic Firth drum sticks. He has acquired a tympani from god-knows-where. He also uses a few Roland electronic drums for various sound effects played in rhythmic tandem with his acoustic drumming.

Michael "SLyMe" Werner

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