Sir Edward Stafford

Ventrue Elder of London


The son of the 8th Baron Stafford, in life, Sir Edward was one of the bright young things of the Victorian era Liberal Party in Britain, a favored protégé of George Goschen as well as associating himself with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood as a patron. At age 32, with a share of the Baronacy’s fortune, he became co-founder of Stafford Clegg & Co. at Lloyd’s of London.

He was Embraced shortly afterwards and the title passed to a cousin, but in unlife he has been even more successful than he was in life. He has continued to direct the company he founded from behind the scenes, carefully selecting each new Board member and on two seperate occasions making the CEO a ghoul. Lloyd’s insurance brokers get shown places and told things few others in business do and the company acts as a spy net across the world to further the Ventrue cause and Sir Edward’s ambitions.

Sir Edward is a Strategoi of Clan Ventrue and sits on the Clan Gerousia (Board) in London. He is Buchanan’s Mentor

A Conversation With London.
A Transatlantic Phonecall.

Sir Edward Stafford

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