I live to serve. I serve to live.


Evening sirs and madams. I was not always as you see me now – a servant to the night. Once I was a man and lived a life of servitude and, when the toil was done, a life all my own with family and the obligations that entails.

Now I live one life of servitude – to only one master. Master Albrecht is not a kind man, but he cares for my needs and respects my work. Each night I aid him in his research and in his small practice…sometimes with his feeding. It has been this way for ten years now and I have seen from other ghouls what happens when the master ceases to respect ones work . I am content with my life now – the pursuits of the Master no longer trouble my sleep and the screams have become a kind of music. Perhaps tomorrow I can play the role of a father once more and bring a treat to appease the pallet of the Master.


Ultimate New York By Night Nehebkau