Lalla of Arneae

Reclusive Prophetess and Madwoman


Seven Times Great Granddaughter of Malkav Who Listens to Stories Untold and Reads the Words That Will Never Be Writ, Who Danced Under the Black Moon With the Memory of the Dark Mother and Waits At the Feet of the Ebony Throne for the Return of the Father of the Blood


Now o’er the one-half world
Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse
The curtain’d sleep; witchcraft celebrates
Pale Hecate’s offerings.
– Macbeth

Lalla of Arneae remembers being a priestess in the Roman Imperial Cult and a night of teeth and blood. Her memories since then are difficult to piece together sometimes. Looking into her eyes is like looking at a history book that has been ripped apart, half burned, put back together and locked behind warped and cracked glass.
She has long kept to herself in regards to kindred politics, offering opinions only when asked for them (and thankfully, no one ever does). Despite the madness of her blood she is deeply wise and was often the counsel of Bishop Vescovi. Their history went back several hundred years to just after Antonio’s embrace. She was his mentor and he was her protector against the slings and arrows of those who believed her too mad to function.
In truth, Lalla does suffer for her condition and would not be able to understand this world even if she tried. It’s as if she is so full of memories of the past and future that it prevents the neon glow and radio static of the modern age from entering her mind. The ancient seer keeps herself safely hidden away in her havens, never touching human blood she feeds on the animals she calls to her. Were it not for the occasional visits and love of her student she would have long ago been lost inside her own mind.
Antonio made sure to help her in the present and she repaid him in knowledge from the past. Antonio’s most cherished possession, a scroll that contained a translation of the Tempations of Caine, was an heirloom of Lalla’s line that she then gifted to him. With Anonio gone, Regina has come to fill his role for Lalla. She listens to the archaic memories and speaks so that Lalla has something other than the voices in her own head to listen to.

Lalla of Arneae

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