Johnny Elwood

A known snitch whom Arturo feeds misinformation


“Ughh I feel so sick Artie.My facial nueralgia is acting up and I feel like I have a knife stabbing me slowly in the back.I’ve done my part;now you do yours”


Johnny Elwood 37 is a loser-a heroin junkie and has been busted for petty crimes and a rather nasty bust for selling smack to an undercover narcotics officer. He was looking at 5 to 10. The police found it no problem to cut him a deal if he could get anything on the infamous Pooh Bear to bring him in. Instead of killing Johnny outright like Pooh Bear originally wanted,Arturo decided to use the snitch to feed Narcotics misleading information.Arturo lets him bump a little smack on the side and dominates him to make sure he gives the cops only what Arturo wants the cops to have.Every so often he uses Johnny to take out competitive elements on the streets, and keep the cops believing that Johnnie contributes to their operations

Johnnie is whiny and constantly complains of back aches or facial nueralgia until he gets his fix. He lives in a shithole apartment in the Bronx crawling with bugs and other vermin.

Johnny Elwood

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