Jim O'Halloran

A Crooked Beat Cop in Little Italy -a Minor Contact of Arturo Giovanni


Jim O’Halloran was the uppity cop who busted Arturo for the stiletto in his pocket. Basically it was a shakedown that went badly.Arturo revisited him and put him on the payroll to look the other way from now on.He is also useful in alerting Arturo of patrol routes of other cops in Little Italy and rumors of busts and raids.

Arturo hates a loose end and has researched officer O’Halloran and now knows his address of his home in Brooklyn plus the name of his wife and kids in case Officer O’Halloran tries to get cute again.Hopefully,it won’t come to that.

For now, Arturo let’s him believe that he has the upper hand,but with a simple phone call to some brutal psychopaths-O’Halloran’s domestic status will be going through some changes. This brings a smile to Arturo’s face

Jim O'Halloran

Ultimate New York By Night Bertran