Jessica Conner

Christophe's Personal Assistant, VP of Ricardo Design


“I swear Christophe, you don’t pay me enough to babysit the love-birds.”

Born in Kentucky, Jessica Connor was raised with her twin sister Melissa. As the years went by, Jessica seemed more interested in fashion and beauty while Melissa seemed more interested in animals and animal rights. Eventually, Jessica moved to New York to study fashion while Melissa stayed in Kentucky to become a veterinarian and then moved to New Orleans. Jessica finished college and met a young and eager designer named Christophe. She helped Christophe get his business up and running and decided to become his personal assistant and VP of the business. In later years she found out what he became when he started bringing the young girl, Eleven, around the business along with his ‘mentor’ Veronica. Jessica did not reject Christophe for what he was surprisingly, for she had recently discovered the same had become of her sister who she tries to keep tabs on. Christophe and Jessica hang out in his penthouse and drink wine as they talk. Jessica began to notice changes throughout her body, she was stronger, faster, and, it seemed, more beautiful. Now, Jessica takes Christophe’s morning clients and helps him whenever she can. She also fears for her sister for she hasn’t heard from Melissa in months, she hopes all is well in New Orleans.

Jessica Conner

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