Jacob Byers

Maitre D at New York's Spago Restaurant-Arturo's Minor Contact


Jacob Byers is a dapper looking gentleman of 38 who is the Maitre D of Spagos one of the most expensive and famous restaurants in New York. It is the dining establishment of the rich,powerful and famous.Mr. Byers is an adept host and is used to dealing with rich and powerful individuals used to getting their way.

He is always soft spoken,deferential and not easily angered. He is a master diplomat. He does have a bit of a problem.After a long night’s work he likes to chase the dragon.That’s where Arturo comes in.Arturo is one of his connections and it is very cheap or even free so long as Arturo is able to take a look at the reservation list and to occasionally reserve a table without having to wait.

Jacob Byers

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