Jackie Aleksev

Cousin of Russian Mobsters, Under Protection of Victor


Full-Strength Blood Bond to Victor Gabriel Cadiz


Jackie is nothing special, really. He’s a smart kid, but no genius. His uncle is in the Russian mafia, but Jackie just helped out with electrical work once in a while. He’s spent his life trying to stay out of trouble, and he might be fairly naive because of (or inspite of) it.

Then one night, the betting parlor he helped out at got shot up by a bunch of freaks, and to make matters worse, one of them must have taken a liking to him. This guy, Victor, started talking about all the good they could do for a smart kid like Jackie, and how it would be better to come along with them. And to his surprise, Jackie believed him, and not just because the alternative was probably death.

Now, he understands what Victor and his friends are. They’re vampires, which scares him a little bit. But he trusts Victor. He doesn’t know why, but when Victor makes promises about how things will get better, about how vampires don’t have to be monsters, Jackie believes it. He also likes Raquel, but that is probably because he’s a teenage boy.

Lately, Jackie has been writing letters to his family, letting them know he is okay, and that he’ll see them again soon. Victor has promised to let him visit his parents, provided he is careful to keep some secrets.

Jackie Aleksev

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