Hillary Stanton

Bored Soccer Mom who Likes to Walk on the Wild Side


“Please walk on the rubber track.I don’t want my white shag stained”


Arturo found Hillary Stanton in an adult classified advertisement-

Wanted a discreet man to punish a naughty wife once or twice a month when husband is away.I am a total pain slut and a S.A.M. Do you have what it takes? I am a good looking HWP Hockey Mom of 2 46 years young who needs to be put in the Penalty Box! Please be disease free.Smokers need not answer.

Arturo makes sure he lights the cheapest smelliest Nicaraguan cigar he can find after he has tied her up and severely punished her and has fed from her. He left her in this state for her husband to find with a mini-swiffer broom shoved up her butt. Arturo was convinced that feeding from her was going to be a one shot deal,but she keeps calling him wanting more. He is debating giving her Long Island address to his new found coterie mates,so they too can have a go at her.

Hillary Stanton

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