Guiseppi "Joey the Bruiser" Santino

An Alcholic Ex-Boxer on the Ropes-Arturo Giovanni's Herd


HIC I couldda been a contender”


Joey “Bruiser” Santino had a bit of fame about ten years ago when he managed to become cruiser weight world champion of the world.Unfortunately he was never able to defend his championship.The celebration party after he won the title never stopped.Instead of training to defend his newly won title,he partied. He was knocked out in the third round. It was truly a humiliating defeat from which Joey never recovered-it plunged him into depression and drink. The people who had partied with him when he was world champion disappeared.

Joey spends his days and night at the bars around Little Italy drinking and bumming money and reminiscing of his glory days. He is destitute now and he generally bums enough money to bring a bottle home after the bars close.To make rent he does odd jobs.People still call him “The Champ”,but it is with cruel irony.

Arturo looks for Joey when he wants to tie one on.It doesn’t take much,Arturo buys him a steak dinner and gets him smashed.When Joey is good and drunk,Arturo drinks from him and leaves a fifth to drink away the hangover which always happens when Aturo drinks from Joey.

Arturo feels sorry for Joey even with his dwindling humanity and keeps an account for him at the bakery,so he gets some nutrition other than liquor. But is Arturo really wanting to save his life,or simply to prolong it for purposes of tying one on? Arturo wonders himself sometimes.

Guiseppi "Joey the Bruiser" Santino

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