Georgette Wilson

A Nervous DMV Clerk in Manhattan who receives "supplements" to her income helping Arturo-A Minor Contact of Arturo Giovanni


Georgette Wilson works for Manhattan’s DMV office. She is very nervous about doing for Arturo what he asks,but he has a way with words that she finds difficult to resist.However if she is ever investigated or questioned about her practices,this contact could very well dry up.

Arturo uses her primarily to get information on those with driver’s licenses and New York ID’s. He is able to get real names using license plate look up and addresses from names and the type of cars they drive. He slips her a Grant or A Benjimin for the privilege. He also has her create fake ID’s and drivers licenses using more extreme methods like domination. Georgette is a mother of three and divorced and can use all the supplemental income she can get,so it is not too difficult.

Georgette Wilson

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