Gavin Schmidt

Arturo's Major Contact at the Brooklyn Piers


Quote “My luck is about to change;I can feel it”


Gavin Schmidt is 45 years old and a rather burly gentleman of Irish German descent. He has a happy home life, 2 daughters, a loving wife and a decent pension to look forward to. There is only one problem.Gavin is a degenerate gambler and at one time took out a sizable loan with the Giovanni family. Unfortunately his “sure bet” did not hit.

Arturo was going to have to collect and he met the weeping and broken Gavin at his place of employment-The Brooklyn Piers where he works as a supervisor to longshoremen.Gavin knew what was coming and he hoped only that he would be able to continue to work after a short convalescence. Yet when the time came he did not face his beat down like a man;instead he fell at Arturo’s feet and begged Arturo for more time to cover his outstandng debt. Arturo never one to demonstrate much compassion decided that Gavin might have other uses.Afterall the Giovanni’s had some influence at the airports,why not the docks as well?

Arturo arranged with “the family” a reasonable payment plan for Gavin-with a high rate of interest, naturally.If he paid faithfully every paycheck he could possibly get out of debt within ten years.In the meantime,Gavin would give Arturo Giovanni the shipping manifests,invoices and cargo reports plus access to ships which might be of interest to the Giovanni family.

Gavin Schmidt

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