Elisabeth Turner

A flamboyant masochist who enjoys attention-Arturo Giovanni's herd


“How do I look?”


Elisabeth is young and hot.She is 28 and a complete pain slut as well as an attention whore.She likes to be noticed and puts on a big show of erotically writhing and moaning loudly when she is being played with which causes her female peers at the club to roll their eyes.She is also dressed at the height of BDSM fashion.

When Elisabeth is not at the club she is an office manager at an accounting firm. She is single and lives in Manhattan.She is very organized and orderly with a cell phone glued to her hand and ear. She constantly arranges herself to make sure she is drawing eyes to herself. When you are with Bethie you must pay attention to her and only her otherwise she will flirt outrageously with another looking her way.She also must be constantly reassured that she is adorable. As a very youung girl she was the apple of her father’s eye,but a couple of years later when her younger brother was born,she was all but ignored by her father in favor of her brother. She is prone to depression when things do not go her way or when she feels ignored or neglected.

She found that the BDSM community gives her a modicum of control over whom she plays with and how. She tends to top from the bottom with those whom she plays.She knows when she is on the stage getting flogged all eyes are on her.She loves the attention and the pain adds to her pleasure.It helps that she is easy on the eye.

“Bethie” met Arturo at the club. Arturo had a reputation for inflicting a lot of pain and complete domination over his play partners. Many who played with Arturo never wanted to repeat the experience.Bethie just had to try him out. It was rumored that Arturo liked to bite.

Arturo was certainly a new experience. He didn’t seem to be easily manipulated by her feminine charms and he sure did know how to inflict some serious pain. It seemed that when she is with Arturo,Bethie is given some grudging respect especially by the other masochists at the club who have experienced Arturo in the past. What "Bethie fails to realise that most are looking at her with trepidation rather than respect.

Elisabeth Turner

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