Eleven Devereaux

Promiscuous Embracer, Sister of Christophe


“Christophe, please forgive me…..I’m sorry brother.”

Eleven Devereaux was born in Paris as an orphan. She lived in an orphanage until her fifteenth birthday when a woman named Veronica decided to take the young girl into her custody. Eleven knows not why Veronica decided to adopt her, but she doesn’t care anymore. Veronica took Eleven overseas to New York City. Veronica taught Eleven English and the ways of high society. She worked for Veronica as her assistant until about her twentieth birthday when Veronica embraced her. Eleven was intrigued with kindred life. A week later Veronica introduced her new ‘brother’ Christophe. From that day on, Eleven and Christophe were almost inseparable due to their closeness with each other. Eleven spent many nights with Christophe just talking to him.

After months and months of begging Veronica, Eleven was finally going to sire someone…unfortunately, he wasn’t going to become a rose. Earl Trapheim was Eleven’s lover for a couple of weeks when she decided to sire him, but he didn’t want to become a rose…he wanted to become a Nosferatu. So, he became one and he went crazy and kidnapped her in the process. Luckily a coterie of kindred dealt with Trapheim and rescued Eleven, she is still grateful for that and so is Christophe. After that incident, Eleven started working at the war-shop for nights to come.

Then, she met Bryan…..and that’s when things went bad. Now, she is blood-hunted due to her embracing Bryan without permission, her and Bryan seem to be drifting apart, and Christophe seems to hate her for what she has done. She feels alone now. She can only hope to make it up to Christophe for all his kindness and mercy.

Eleven Devereaux

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