Edgar St.John-Bowles

Director of Stafford Clegg's NYC office


Edgar is one of those bulldog Englishmen that Americans seem to expect to meet, someone with a little bit of Churchill to them. Well-spoken and always immaculately if conservatively dressed, he has a certain bluntness that is appreciated by American clients while being as cultured and discreet as they could expect from an upper-class English scion. He is immensly loyal to his company, for which he was worked his entire adult life, and to his clients. He takes the motto of Lloyd’s – “in utmost good faith” – very seriously.

Edgar thinks Buchanan is simply a business developer from the London office who is to be given every assistance and a great deal of latitude. He has no idea of Buchanan’s true nature yet that makes him no less a retainer under the circumstances.


Edgar St.John-Bowles

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