Donovan Mathews

Suspected Anarch, A&R to the Damned


“If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are.”

President of Night/Shade, Donovan serves as a creative conduit for Kindred who wish to remain “creatively active” long into their unlife. Primarily focused on contemporary rock music, the company also manages artists as diverse as ghazal poets in Pakistan and underground graffiti artists in the slums of Ethiopia.

Donovan is nominally a member of the Camarilla, although the older Kindred bristle at Night/Shade’s activities. They are convinced that each new artist is a catastrophic Masquerade violation waiting to happen, and thus insist that Donovan himself must be a crypto-Anarch. Rock music is one of the kine’s most subversive tools, perfectly suited for a 5th column inside the Camarilla.

To those who know Donovan, this is patently absurd. He’s a razor-sharp executive, with a supernaturally keen eye for talent. Still, outsiders will always wonder at what happens at those late night, drug fueled parties he’s famous for.


Donovan Mathews

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