Don Greene

Night doorman at the Stafford Clegg building


Don Greene is the main night-duty doorman at the Stafford Clegg building on the Avenue of the Americas, NYC. In his late fifties, he presents an affable face to the world – easygoing and infallably polite despite the many impositions of the high-flyers and executives coming and going from the building. If pressed he’ll grudgingly admit some of the suits aren’t too bad. Take Buchanan, for instance, the Limey talks fancier than he dresses and can’t remember that Don’s a grandfather but he at least tips well and occasionally sends out some hot chocolate on a cold, wet night.

Privately, he knows he could break most of the rude suits like twigs. He did his time in the Army, one of the very last draftees, and it let him see some of the world beyond the Bronx. In 1981, after eight years of service, he joined a firm called Pentex when it was the new kid on the mercenary/security block. Throughout the eighties, he worked in El Salvador and Honduras as a deniable proxy for the CIA, until a stray round caught him in the upper calf and he “retired” home to New York, buying a brownstone in Queens and settling down with his wife Kimberly and two young daughters.

Unable to simply sit still, Don reached out to some of his old friends and landed a job working security at the new Stafford Clegg building in the mid-nineties. He’s been there ever since, refusing the responsibilities of promotion and living mainly of his pensions rather than a doorman’s salary. His affability covers a still-sharp mind and a lifetime experience in his field. Don certainly knows more than his supervisor and probably more than the buildings Head of Security. He’s turned down head-hunting offers from several security firms over the years, including two from his old firm Pentex. He likes the lack of pressure in his present job. More to the point, it gives him plenty of time to work on his screenplay: it’s about the experiences of a bunch of mercenaries in South America in the Eighties, very much in the traditions of Apocalypse Now and Platoon. He’s been working on it for three years and it’s nearly finished.

Don’s two daughters are grown now and he has seven grandchildren, upon which he dotes. One of his son-in-laws works the security day shift at Stafford Clegg but he’s determined all of his grandkids are going to college.

Don Greene

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