Diana Marlowe

Heavy Masochist Arturo's herd at the Oubliette Club


“What are you thinking about?”
_-SHUT the fuck_UP!!

Diana Marlowe is an owner of an upscale hipster clothing boutique in Manhatten.She is an attractive divorcee of 32 with a type A personality who insists on top performance and perfection from her emploees and herself.

Her husband could not keep up with her in and out of the bedroom, nor her take charge personality. The two ended up divorcing-irreconcilible differences. She did not lack for suitors after the divorce was finalized,but they seemed all the same to her vaguely academic,well off,with a tendency to place her on a pedestal-in a word, boring.

She discovered the Club Oubliette where she is able to lose herself and allow her dark desires to come out and play. She found that there is pleasure in pain. She likes carrying the secret marks on her body which remind her of the time she has had. She can be anyone she wishes to be and she enjoys the role of the submissive where she has no responsibilities except that of surrender. She submits to both males and females,but only a very few are able to take control of her for she must be dominated in the mind before her body will follow.

One such person is Arturo-a guniea street hood whom normally would not attract her in the least,but the things he is able to make her do-she feels like a puppet whenever she is with him and if he is not in a hurry he plies the whip and cane to her mercilessly before giving her his bite which causes her to scream in agonized pleasure. She has even had to be hospitalized once when she did not revive right away.

Arturo never calls nor sends her flowers as other men tend to do, nor does he tell her anything about himself nor ask about her at all. She never knows when he will be at the club;though she looks for him every time she goes. She wonders what he is after because it doesn’t feel sexual? He treats her like an object and she feels used-It’s exactly what she is looking for.

Diana Marlowe

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