A High Class Call Girl with the Goods-A Minor Contact of Arturo Giovanni


“I thought it would be the wall street players who would be the kinkiest,but the tele-evangelist-My God I don’t even want to talk about it.”


Arturo had a windfall of cash after a particularly profitable card game and decided to treat himself to a gorgeous morsel.He spent quite a bit of money and Delilah showed up at his door.
Delilah’s clientele are of the upper echelon of society and only the richest can afford an evening with her.

After Arturo fed from her-only a little,he dominated her after she recovered from her ordeal. Arturo asked about some of her more famous and powerful clients.It included local politicians ball players and a tele-evangelist.In exchange,Arturo recommends her to rich mafiosa looking for eye candy and a good time. The relationship has paid off big for her.


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