David Aleister Morris

A Rastafarian Wanna-Be Arturo's Herd


“Oh no not you again mon”


David Aleister Morris is a rastafarian straight out of Jamaica or at least he pretends to be.He is actually form Queens and is a pot dealer and pot head. He uses the Rastafarian religion as an excuse to smoke a lot of ganja and dread up his hair. He knows nothing about Rastafarianism except the chicks really dig his dreads,and his faux jamaican accent.

David doesn’t like Arturo much,but he is a good customer,buying anywhere from halfs to multiple ounces at a time. David can usuallly be found at his crummy apartment watching three stooges re-runs or the neighborhood park selling spliffs,or eighths when rent is coming due.

David has a grow operation in the walk in closet of his apartment set up with grow lights,fans,fertilizers-the works. He grows some potent stuff. It pays the rent and keeps him from having a real job.

Arturo enjoys feeding from Dave when he is able to corner him.He dominates him to light up a fatty and drinks his blood. It keeps Arturo pleasantly buzzed for a few hours.Dave finds it to be a real bring-down,however.

David Aleister Morris

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