Daniel Boyd

Not So Young Turk


I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just;
that his justice cannot sleep forever.
Thomas Jefferson

Daniil Boyarov was embraced in the winter of 1912 by a roving party of Sabbat hunters as they prepared to assault an elder who threatened to rise from her tombs deep in the Caucasus mountains near Daniil’s village. The battle was bloody and when the elder finally fell to final death only a handful of survivors remained, Daniil among them. Never knowing his sire, he was taken in by the remainder of the pack and quickly came to understand his new life. Where the pack went, he went. Daniil met others pledged to the Sword of Caine and learned even more of the dangers of the ancients as they awaken to devour their childer and usher in Gehenna. For sixty years he defended against the threat of elder hungers in the greater part eastern Europe.

Some thirty or more years ago at the behest of his Ductus and their Archbishop, Daniil agreed to make his way to New York and help bolster the efforts there: after all, legends whisper of some great and ancient evil that hides beneath the thick shell of concrete and human life. Adopting the new name Dainel Boyd he was accepted by the leadership of the Sword in New York. About fourteen years ago, with the blessing of Bishop Vescovi, Daniel helped form his own pack and was declared Ductus of the Tetrarchy.

The emergence of the new Regent and his appointed Priscus has changed thing for all the Sabbat in the city, and did not leave the Tetrarchs untouched. Daniel had great respect for the Bishop so with his death and the flight of his childe (and the Priest of the Tetrarchy) Daniel has been hard pressed to maintain the visage of whole-hearted support. He does, though, for the sake of his remaining packmates and for Regina as a secret information line into the movement of the Priscus.

Daniel Boyd

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