Bryan Thomas

Clueless Jock, Childe and Lover of Eleven


“So….it’s like Avatar?! smack Ow! What did I say?”

Bryan Thomas was a C student at a local New York high school when he met Eleven, a twenty something smokin hotty. He was a track star and a football jock, but he took interests in other ‘sports’ mainly involving this beautiful creature calling herself Eleven. As he hung out with her more and more he began to fall for her. They fooled around for a couple of weeks when Eleven embraced him. At first it was great, he was faster, stronger, and more ‘healthy’…he could take the draw-backs. Then….he met Christophe. He was scared of him the most out of all of Christophe’s ‘friends’. He saw that Christophe cared for Eleven if not more than himself. Maybe he even loved her. But now, he is in hiding with Eleven (and now there is trouble in the sack…fuck). He just wishes he could fix it all, help Eleven while loving her. But what does he know, he is just a C student jock at a public school. This will be interesting for him.

Bryan Thomas

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