Arturo Niccolo Giovanni

Forget About It!


“And if you should make enemies they would become my enemies, and then, they would fear you”

Concept:A soldier in the Giovanni Family – The Mob branch of the family
Made in 2000
Embraced 2005


Clan Giovanni
Generation: 10th
Sire: Valentino Giovanni aka Tino

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 4

Charisma 3
Manipulation 4
Appearance 3

Perception 2
Intelligence 2
Wits 4

Brawl:2+2 fb pts
Dodge:2 +2 fb pts
Leadership:3 +2 fbpts
streetwise:5 +4 fbpts

firearms:2 +2 fbpts
security:2 +2 fbpts

investigate:2+2 xpts
linguistics:1 (Italian)
occult:2 =2xpts

Disciplines (5)
Potence:2+7 fbpts

Backgrounds (10)
contacts:4 +2 fbpts underworld
Herd:2 +1 FBpt (masochists)
Mentor:1 (tino)

camarilla lore 1
clan lore (free)1
kindred lore (free) 1
sect lore (free)1

self control:3

Willpower:7+1 fbpt +6 xpts

Flaw:Short Fuse-2
Merit:Code of Honor Omerta the code of silence+2

Clan Weakness:
Grip of the Damned

Experience point expenditure since commencement of game:7 for fortitude,3 to open a dot in Camarilla Lore,2 to boost Alertness to 2
unspent experience:8

Hey did you ever hear this one? Why are people from New York Atheists?-Because the light at the end of the tunnel is Jersey. Yeah that pretty nuch sums it up. I grew up in Little Italy in Patterson-What a shit hole! My papa, he’s from the old country-Venice.I remember he would after a couple glasses of anisette wax all nostalgic about the oily canals with the rotting buildings looming over everything, and the moustache Petes rowing away singing O Sole Mio-Forget about it! I’m American.

I tried the school thing and made it to about the middle of 10th grade.I knew my papa was in a crew,and I sort of followed in his footsteps and imitated him with a couple of friends of mine….We pulled off quite a few scams mostly shop crashing and hijacking trucks,selling the merchandise for nickles on the dollar-small potato stuff,but I must have been the richest 15 year old in my neighborhood..

Boy was pop mad when he found out I had ditched school-He busted out the Italian which always meant my ass was grass.He could hit hard too,but instead of clocking me he began to cry-Forget about it! I freaked and I have to admit that I started bawling too. I said,“Papa what’s the matter?” For a while he said nothing then he says,I never wanted this for you-I wanted you to stay in school become a doctor or a lawyer. We both looked at one another and there was an understanding-It just wasn’t in the cards for me.

A little while after that, I got pinched and was sent to reform school. A few years after that, I was pinched again and did 36 months in the pen for armed robbery.I was lucky they dropped the assault charges; otherwise, I’d be looking at 72 months. I knew to keep my mouth shut. Papa had connections.

When I got out my father set me up with a proper crew in the Giovanni family. He must have got the word from on high. I started running numbers,and dealing drugs in some neighborhoods.I got to know a lot of people in both Jersey and New York. I have to say, I distinguished myself, and the cappos and other soldiers started relying on me more and more. What’s funny was I watched my mama get old and my papa he stayed the same as I always remembered from the time I was a little kid.He wouldn’t say nothing,only, "Forget about it you’ll understand once you get made….so I let it go.

I once saw one of the big bosses of the family and his goomah-I don’t know why,but it creeped me out-Forget about it! I started hearing whispered stories-about this Uncle Auggie-The Don of the Dons who was said to talk to ghosts or some fucked up shit-Forget About it!

By this time,I was getting to know the streets making lots of contacts in both New Jersey and New York- There was a section of the family there too. There was some war in New York in the late 90’s.That’s when pops got it. I was told that he was caught in some sort of crossfire when he was doing business in the Big Apple. Someone told me that the Don thought he was getting long in the tooth and had him capped.The punk who told me that ended up picking up his teeth with broken fingers….Pop was always loyal to the family!

The Cappo began using me more and more as an enforcer. I performed a couple of hits too on members of rival families those who intruded on family interests.The Cappo said I possessed a certain moral flexibility-whatever the fuck that means-Forget about it!

In 2000 I was made. They say that all that ritual stuff when you get made in the Cosa Nostra, this thing of ours, is bullshit.I’m here to tell you it ain’t bullshit. I was led into a room and I was told that I would become a true member of the family.I swore an oath I would never speak to anyone about anything the family did or said on pain of being ripped to shreds in the tempest. Don Giovanni was there along with all the Cappos. They all looked young,but it seemed to me if they farted a dust cloud would blow out of their ass. All of them seemed distant and strange-stone cold killers I thought. The room was cold. I could see my breath and it felt like there was an invisible multitude in there watching…..They put a glass before me and asked if I were ready to become a true member and if I was; I was supposed to drink it. I did drink it. The taste surprised me. It was la sangre di Giovanni,and it was right then I became made.It was sweet,but it went down bitter. I became completely loyal to the family. I finally came to understand what being made with the Giovannis was all about like Papa told me I would.

If I thought I was busy before,once I became made, my responsibilities doubled-The blood they gave me kept me going in more ways than one.I could bang whores two or three at a time and I had enough strength to cave in a skull.It’s a handy skill to have,and it gave a whole new meaning to “knuckle head.” Again the Cappos favored me and I became their go to guy.I kept in contact with all the street contacts I had and made more. The Cappos said I ought to get to know New York too.When the bosses say jump I ask how high.I got it done.

In 05 Don Giovanni said that he was going to make some moves in The Big Apple,and he wanted me part of it. He said that my role would be very important in the effort.Even though he gave me the creeps,I told him if he needed heads busted for the family I was his man. He smiled strangely at me then.

He said I was to go to Valentino yet another cousin Giovanni a.k.a. Tino and work with him.I was not to bust heads or cap anyone,but check things out for this family called Camarilla and act when the word is given.I guess we’re allies with this family.

So I go for a sit down with Tino.I felt right away,something was up.He gave me the run down on what needed to be done.He started laughing and said I would be working nights from now on.Suddenly two of his goons held me down and Tino puts the bite down on me. Now I"ve had my ass kicked any number of times,and I have had my balls kicked so hard I was puking on my shoes-there was no pain which could compare. I screamed into a meaty hand as my life painfully drained away.

I’ve since come to know more about the family and the stories I thought were bullshit are true.There’s a family within a family and that family has its different branches. The creeps, I call them, fuck around with the dead-literally fuck them. I am glad I am in the business end of things rather than sticking my end into some shrivelled corpse.Forget about it!

Things have changed for me now. I stay in this Italian bakery in New York’s Little Italy during the day.
Arturo s haven

My new form of nourishment forces me to these clubs where the ladies like pain-they get whipped, caned, spanked etc and have needles put through their nipples-This gets them off-Forget about it! I sometimes think I give them more than they bargained for,but they keep coming back for more and I always need more.

I do what the Cappos,The Don or Tino tell me to do. I do what needs to be done. Maybe one day they will make me a Cappo or maybe even a Don. I have nothing but time and if I keep my nose clean,who knows? But if it means getting creepy with the dead-Forget about it!!

Arturo Niccolo Giovanni

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