Arden Malone

A conflicted Police Officer with a burdensome past




Arden Malone 34 is the only child of Captain Kevin Malone-Police Captain of New York’s finest. Captain Malone dearly wished for a son,but after Arden was born no more children were to be born. Her mother died when she was 5 of cancer.

Arden was a daddy’s girl and wanted to please her father. He obliged her by molesting her beginning when she was 13. Now she feels and is a bit broken.She once thought about becoming a nun as she is also a very devout Catholic;however, she chose to follow in her father’s footsteps and joined the police force. Her father stopped bothering her when she became a cadet and it was with a strange mixture of relief and regret. She sublimated her ambivalence in working hard often volunteering for extra shifts. She kept her and her father’s secret and convinced herself it was normal somehow.With devotion and dedication to service and solid police work,she made seargent.It was at this time her father died suddenly of a stroke.At present, she is about to receive her detective’s shield.

Despite her father’s death her past continues to haunt her-the guilt,the shame and the attraction she still has for her father..She tends to date men much older than she is.These feelings must be purged away somehow,and when prayer no longer works (she dare not confess it)
she goes to club Oubliette-often in tears with a feeling that she is sinking ever deeper into a mire of corruption to receive her purgation. She is not a habitual clubber by any means.

She met Arturo at the Oubliette as he is able to inflict the necessary pain to purge her.Arturo insists that she wear her police uniform so he can brutally rip it off her body before he begins. The other girls believe that Arden is Arturo’s favorite as he tends to take the most time punishing her-maybe it is because she is a cop.Arturo finds it exciting for the extreme risk he is taking with her. His beast is barely held at bay when he plays with her.Another thing Arden is grateful for is ,unlike the others she need not be obliged to service him sexually-the vigorous beating with the final bite are enough.

Arden Malone

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