Anders Wilden

Genie and Geert's Reclusive Sire, Sabbat General


“The Camarilla embody the rule of a minority conceited enough to believe that they have a clue to the tangled incoherencies of unlife, and need only sufficiently manipulate criticism and opposition to achieve a general order.”

Once a renowned Sabbat Crusader, and before that a globally respected scientist and fascist (wasn’t everyone in the 20’s?), Anders now spends his days whiling away the years in his enormous Brooklyn brownstone. Prevailing opinion is that his seclusion is out of sadness (his pack was mostly annihilated by Ten Pound Jimmy during the NYC Crusade), but there are whispered rumors of grotesque and taboo experiments taking place in that big empty house. Sure, every Tzimisce loves his Vicissitude but…just what the hell is going on in there?

Anders is almost never seen in public – or at all – but can always be relied upon for a steady supply of disposable shovelheads whenever Jafar or George, Sr come calling. Occasionally some naive young Sabbat will knock on his door in hopes of hearing Anders’ infamously compelling theories on unlife, but those that do return…changed. Quiet, distant, and not altogether there. Most prefer to not discuss what happened behind those doors. Please, let’s change the subject…


Anders Wilden

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