Allan "slEDGe" Pearce

Keyboardist for Stripped Cog Nightmare. He is known in the local NYC area for his layered synth playing style and his ambidextrous playing style.


Early Life

Born native to New York City, Allan Pearce was quickly diagnosed with an IQ of 211. At the age of 5, he picked up playing piano, to his parents’ delight. He played his first recital at the age of 8, and was recognized as a musical prodigy. His personal life suffered considerably, as his parents showcased him like he was a circus attraction, also leading to his resentment of them which survives to this day. When he hit high school, he was quickly introduced to rock music for the first time, which was subsequently made forbidden in his parents’ house. However, he was not deterred, as he used some of the money he had saved up to buy his first keyboard, a KORG Triton, and began practicing through playing guitar tracks on his keyboard. When he discovered audio sampling, he began a very promising journey into synth pop.

It was later that he first delved into industrial upon hearing the work of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. He played in local industrial bands like MegaKilo, Serrated Melody, Final Taste, and Logic Failure, before discovering Dream Theater. Inspired by Jordan Rudess’ impressive and articulate keyboard work, he temporarily dropped industrial metal to form a Dream Theater cover band called Gossamer Episode, which lasted a year and a half before dissolving. He then joins a goth-rock band by the name of BlackNail, along with his brother Roy Pearce as bassist. They lasted only weeks, as they both were fired after two shows. “Stan(Lead-singer) was just so damn angsty! We couldn’t say anything without it becoming a doomsday prophecy from Hell’s left testicle. We were fired because we started prancing around on stage. He thought we were ::laughs:: taking away the credibility of his work. I thought his piss-take posturing took away credit from his music and the genre he occupied. We were at odds, obviously”.

Two days after firing, Allan hears through a former guitarist he had jammed with by the name of Byron Smith, whom had quit a fledgling band by the name of Stripped Cog Nightmare. Byron gave him SpYttE’s number, and Allan called him the next day. After a short audition, Allan was hired on, and was christened “slEDGe”. He has remained with Stripped Cog Nightmare since.

Stripped Cog Nightmare

He has contributed to a fair chunk of the Stripped Cog Nightmare output, writing or at least co-writing half of the tracks on every demo. His playing style is one of the defining features of Stripped Cog Nightmare, both on record and on stage. He also does all of the “day time” work, considering SpYttE’s “requirements”. He has cited “Skull F*cking Requiem” as his favorite contribution calling it “Brutality, melodics, crassness, and complexity sewn together with a bit of hooky pop sensibility”. He has not spoken warmly about SpYttE’s current decision to focus on his “out-of-band” work:

“I’m incredibly disappointed with his priorities at the immediate second. We are at teeth’s skin of being signed, and he is too busy worrying about some issue between his night-living drinking buddies? Seriously, what in God’s name is going through his head? If he thinks that we are just going to sit around and wait for him all the damn time, he’s got a shock coming to him, alright!”

Band Equipment

His current endorsements are Kurzweil and Roland keyboards. His amplifiers tend to be Peavey and Blackstar, but he claims to use anything that he can get his hands on. He has a handful of samples, including a string section, a brass section, and a B.C. Rich Warlock Guitar.

Allan "slEDGe" Pearce

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