Special Agent Jonathan Smith

FBI Agent building a RICO case against Scarface


Agent Smith was going places. He had successfully landed the case against an organized crime boss, and he was certain that the bastard would have been convicted if it hadn’t been for that car bomb. Unless they had someone to prosecute, the case couldn’t go to trial, so Smith went after the number 2 guy, Kurt “Scarface” Panzermayer.

It almost worked. Several times, in fact. But Panzermayer kept squeaking free, despite the loss of most of his money and flunkies. Smith delved deeper, searching for something that could stick. What he found was… strange. Soon, people around the Bureau were joking about him going “X-Files” on them. Then, Scarface managed to go over his head, cutting a deal in exchange for having most of the charges dropped.

Smith probably shouldn’t have said the things he did, especially not to his boss. He’s been reassigned (and demoted in all but name), and told to leave the Panzermayer case alone. But Agent Jonathan Smith still has questions that need to be answered, and is using his stockpiled vacation time to check up on some of Panzermayer’s old acquaintances…

Special Agent Jonathan Smith

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