Ultimate New York By Night

Welcome to New York City

First Session Notes

Game time: 6:30pm

-At the Apollo Theater in Harlem, the main Elysium in NYC, Corinth Rutledge, a wealthy playboy Ventrue known around town as the emissary of his powerful sire George, Sr., met and made fast friends with Eddie Dixby, a Tremere hacker and recent graduate of the Foustian Syndicate. While the Ventrue and Tremere clan are the pillars of power within the Camarilla sect, it is odd that Corinth and Eddie, two very different people from two very different walks of life, were able to become friends so quickly and with so little information about each other.

-In an alley outside the Apollo theater, Eddie and Corinth encounter a confused Kindred named Professor Diego Tori. Tori explains that he’s not sure why he’s there, and shows them a cellphone he claims to have found. The phone only contains one event marked on the calendar (today), along with the address of the Apollo theater. While he is explaining this to Eddie and Corey, the phone rings, and when Tori answers it, it triggers the explosion of 4 limousines in front of the Apollo. Sheriff Oswald, the Elder of the Bronx (a Brujah named Lawrence Parker) and the Elder of Manhattan (a Ventrue named Rios Espanada) were all killed in the attack, along with an as-yet-unknown number of other Vampires, Ghouls, and humans.

-Corinth, along with Eddie’s masters at the Syndicate, immediately conclude that if any New York Kindred was involved with bombings, it would be Deacon, an infamous Gangrel environmental extremist. Although Tori needs to be Accounted by the Prince, after a little cajoling by George Sr and the Syndicate elders, the characters agree to seek out Deacon. Deacon, who makes his home near the Brooklyn Zoo, is highly distrusted by the elders of New York, but still relatively tolerated in the city, thanks to his effective roles in the 1990’s Camarilla-Sabbat war.

-Eddie, Corinth and Tori get in a black sedan and have the driver (this expensive service is taken care of by Corey’s sire) take them to Deacon’s haven. There they find a hive of Anarchists, Punks, and all manner of environmental and anti-globalization extremists. Eddie uses the Discipline of Dominate on one of the Anarchists, and orders him to take the Coterie to see Deacon. In an underground lair beneath the building’s basement, the coterie finds Deacon and his top advisers discussing the bombing of the Apollo. After a brief discussion establishing that Deacon was not responsible for the attack, Deacon suggests that his protege, Orion, join the Coterie, in order to help them find out who really was behind the attack. Orion is also a Gangrel, and weirdly resembles the college student Leon O’Ryan who was brutally murdered in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Zoo 5 years, in what was widely seen as a political murder in order to convince the Zoo owners to sell it to Pentex, a massive worldwide conglomerate with its hands in all major businesses and commodities.

Game time: 8:00pm

-The coterie (Eddie, Corey, Tori, and Orion) decide they need to get Tori Accounted for, and through George Sr, Corey’s Sire, they arrange to meet with Prince Goldman at the Park Slope Armory, where he has convened his war council due to the attack on the Apollo. The coterie heads to the Armory, again courtesy of Corey’s Sire and his generous car service. After moving easily through the Mayor’s police security, the coterie stops in the foyer. Corey explains to Eddie that he has had a nagging suspicion about Tori’s cellphone. He remembers Tori getting a call, answering it, and then BOOM! Eddie, skilled with most any electronic device imaginable, diagnoses that the phone is, in fact, not a phone, but an elaborate detonator. This would seem to confirm their theory that the cellphone triggered the attack. After an uncomfortable exchange, the nervous and confused Tori confesses that he took the phone from a guy who “attacked him” at this apartment.

-Inside the Armory, the characters find Prince Goldman, the Elders of Brooklyn (a Toreador named Trula Marley) and Staten Island (a Brujah named Tony Bordski) along with virtually every Camarilla foot soldier, head breaker, and wet worker in the tri-state area. As the coterie moves through the crowd toward the Prince, they overhear a number of theories of who was behind the bombing, ranging from the reasonable (Deacon, Al-Qa’eda, Sabbat, etc) to the outlandish (aliens, Werewolves, the Spanish Inquisition, etc). After a tense exchange, Tori is established to be an Assamite, one who’s sire, a quite powerful one, has “supposedly” abandoned him. The coterie then explains that Tori was carrying the detonator to the bombs that blew up the Apollo. While normally it would be unimaginably outrageous to bring a strange Assamite who happens to be carrying evidence in a terrorist attack and a known cohort of the terrorist Deacon into the Prince’s lair, and on top of that ask for his blessing on the Assamite’s entrance into the Camarilla, but what can I say? These are strange times. The Prince, having bigger things to worry about than micro-managing, explains the Traditions to Tori, and orders the coterie to mentor Tori in the ways of Camarilla Kindred. In return, however, the coterie must assist in the investigation of the Apollo attacks…and stay out of trouble.

-Eddie decides that he can better help the investigation by “surfing the feeds,” scouring the internet for any information available. After returning to the Foustian Syndicate headquarters overlooking Washington Square Park, Eddie discovers that a group called Jundallah, what the US Government calls an “Al-Qa’eda affiliate,” has taken credit for the attack on the Apollo, forcing the Department of Homeland Security to close all US airports (and ruining Eddie’s flight to Beijing! Crap!). However, using his contacts in the hacking and cyber-warfare underworld, Eddie learns that Jundallah is actually a pro-democracy group funded by the CIA, and thus the reports of their involvement in attack on their paymasters are false. This is good news. It is not an Al-Qa’eda attack, which means that the airports will be open again soon. However, given the detonator and the location of the attack, the evidence points to it being a Kindred political act, and that can mean NO GOOD whatsoever for the Masquerade. Vampires have enough trouble hiding the simple act of feeding, much less an international terrorist incident.

Game time: 9:00pm

-Having no better leads, the rest of the coterie (Corey, Tori, and Orion) decides to figure out who attacked Tori in his apartment, since that’s who had the phone and presumably would be the one behind the attacks on the Apollo. They head to Tori’s apartment in Queens where they find the Professor’s Teaching Assistant cleaning up the apartment. After kicking her out, the coterie proceeds to search the apartment from top to bottom. In the bedroom closet, hidden away beneath piles of junk, Orion locates a black duffel bag filled with all manner of extremely sophisticated weaponry, including assault rifles, detonators, night vision goggles, and what appears to be a shotgun that shoots wooden stakes and shiny metal rods. They also discover what appears to be a shrink-wrapped kilo of cocaine or heroin, although Orion insists it isn’t a drug he’s ever smelled before. Tori, as confused as ever, tells them he has no idea how the bag got there.

-In the Kitchen, Orion befriends and talks with a pair of mice who live under the sink. They tell him that they remember another person in the apartment, a monkey with black flesh, who smelled of beans, outside air, and always made the room completely silent. Orion informs the rest of the coterie, still digging through the bedroom, and Tori explains that he has the same ability as the other person, that of making the room completely silent. Corey, jumping to conclusions, demands answers from the befuddled Assamite. He had the detonator, he has the bag of weapons, and the mice seem to think he’s been using his disciplines, so what gives? The Professor finally breaks down and confesses to what happened to him that awful night last week…

“The pain woke me up. I sat straight up in my bed, grabbing my neck like this. I was bleeding. Everywhere. I’m pretty sure my throat had been cut. I looked up, and he was right there on the edge of the bed. Not doing anything, just looking at me. Watching me bleed to death, the prick. I was angry! And…thirsty? Or hungry? Something…. So, then he just starts jabbering, jumps right into this speech, like he had it planned all out how he was going to fucking murder me in my own bed. He’s all “we’re Vampires, we can’t go in the sun, blah blah blah.” I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Vampires? What the hell? So I went for him. I tackled him to the ground right there and I guess…I mean…I drank all his blood. All of it. As soon as I was done, he just vaporized. Poof! Turned to ashes, which I inhaled a mouthful of. That’s what made me puke up all that blood on the floor there. And…that was last week, man. For the last 7 days I’ve been holed up in my office in the city trying to figure this all out. And that’s after, by the way, I nearly killed myself by walking outside at 7 in the morning since no one bothered to mention to me that I was a Vampire too. Anyway, he dropped the cellphone, and it had the address of the Apollo, and I only went because I wanted some answers. Really, that’s all I know about it. I wasn’t trying to lie to you guys I just didn’t know…are you going to kill me? I still don’t even know what I’ve done."

-Satisfied with the story, Corey sends George, Sr. a simple text on his BlackBerry reading “assamite 8 his sire.” The coterie searches the apartment one last time, and this time discovers an airline ticket in the Professor’s stack of papers. It’s a ticket dated 8 weeks ago from Mecca, Saudi Arabia to La Guardia Airport. The name on it is Mohammed Abdullah, though that doesn’t ring any bells with anyone. Strangely, when Tori hands the ticket to Corey, the ticket appears to be for Diego Tori. When he hands the ticket to Orion, the ticket appears to be for Corinth Rutledge. The ticket is apparently magical, being for whoever last touched it. However, Tori is immune to effects of magic (2pt Merit – Magic Resistant) and continues to see the item for its original holder, Mohammed Abdullah. The coterie also finds that Tori’s papers have been rummaged through, and they surmise that this “Mohammed Abdullah” has likely been following, and researching, Professor Tori for quite some time, at least a few months. The coterie then decides to take the kilo of “drugs” to a few of Orion’s Allies to see if they can provide some answers. However, when the coterie exits Tori’s apartment, they discover that the car service by George, Sr has abruptly and unexpectedly been terminated.

Game time: 10:45

-The coterie hops in Tori’s jeep and heads to see Cassandra, Orion’s ex-girlfriend and current employee of Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated (DNA) a genetic engineering company. Upon meeting Cassandra, Tori and Corey notice that Cassandra calls Orion “Leon,” confirming their suspicion that Orion is, in fact, Leon O’Ryan, the college student murdered by Pentex thugs a few years ago. Unfortunately, Cassandra has no information on the kilo, so the coterie heads to Orion’s other friend, Francis Stoutemayer, a loyal college buddy and fellow warrior in the Earth Liberation Front, an environmental terrorist organization. Francis confirms to the group that the kilo is actually Semtex, powerful military explosives. Upon exiting, Corey notices that one of punks at Francis’ party is in the corner, whispering into his cellphone and acting suspicious. Orion, however, recognizes the kid as someone who hangs out there often, and thus advises they don’t make a big deal out of it. Cautiously, the coterie leaves the house in the jeep and immediately start looking for trouble.

-And they surely find it. Not a block from Francis’ house the party discovers they’re being followed by a couple of environmental punks, but not the ones Orion has ever seen at Francis’ place. The coterie decides to lead them to Orion’s haven, the Brooklyn Zoo, and into an ambush. When they reach the zoo, the party fans out and sets their trap. The punks, six of them now lightly armed, walk right into it. Corey, from the office, shouts into the loudspeakers “drop your weapons!” Some of the punks unwisely push forward, weapons out. Within moments, the punks are obliterated. The foolish ones who attempted to fight are left dead or grievously wounded, while the smart ones who tried to run are swiftly captured. Unfortunately, Corey discovers that in the heat of battle, the Assamite had shot and killed an endangered White Tiger, though he decides to keep this to himself for now.

-The coterie gathers up the punks, or what’s left of some of them, and brings them to the Alligator pens.

Game time: 12:00am Midnight



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