Ultimate New York By Night

The Usual Suspects

After all the wait, Eddie has finally returned from Europe, and he has brought the new yacht with him. The Corinthian Memorial is everything the coterie hoped it would be, and more besides. It boasts state rooms for each of them, with plenty of smaller rooms for their herds, retainers, and miscellaneous hangers-on. The crew is only on temporary loan from the Camarilla, but there is time to find a new set.

The coterie’s first glimpse of it is when Eddie calls them down to a set of private docks, and ferries them out to the yacht using the ship’s runabout. The vessel is quickly declared the new base of operations, and Panzermayer starts transferring all their excess weapons and equipment over. Plans are also drawn up for modifying the boat’s interior to provide more space for future operations.

Despite their satisfaction with the Corinth, it was necessary to turn their attention to other matters. After the attack on D.N.A., the two most likely culprits were the werewolves and the Gangrel. Tina, also known as Grunge Girl, has finally returned Christophe’s call, and arranges a meeting halfway between Albany and NYC. One of her packmates is with her, though he is well out of sight, and she assures the vampires that he is only there for her protection. Putting that aside, Christophe gets straight to the point, asking her what she knows about the attack. Tina doesn’t know much, and can neither confirm nor deny that her people were involved, though she admits that it is a possibility. Orion believes she is sincere, but they are no closer to finding those responsible. Before leaving, Tina says she will try to find out more, but she would like the coterie to consider helping out again in Miami, where Pentex may have a second facility.

On their way back to the city, Eddie makes a call to Hanz’ number, and arranges a “consultation” with the arms dealer, claiming to be a Russian gangster. The meeting is set for tomorrow night.

The last stop for the night will be underground with the Nosferatu. The coterie have come prepared this time, wearing disposable plastic shoe covers and ponchos for their journey through the sewers. Upon reaching the warrens, they find what appear to be fortifications and weapon emplacements, as though the Nos are preparing for an invasion.

Twat won’t answer any questions without some information in trade, so Christophe brings up the story of Corinth’s “birth.” Twat is stunned, and hurriedly fires off an email, likely to inform his superiors. In return for this revelation, he answers their questions about Miami’s politics, revealing that the Sabbat of the city are split between those who are content with the status quo, and those who want to resume the crusade against the Camarilla. In all likelihood, Jafar’s little errand involves tipping this balance towards the crusader faction. Orion then asks what Twat knows about the attack that took Cassandra’s life. In fact, Twat hadn’t even heard about the attack on D.N.A., and is thrilled to have pierced one of the Syndicate’s secrets. Of course, he assures the coterie that he’ll make certain the leak isn’t traced back to them. He also promises to look into the matter.



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