Ultimate New York By Night

Short Notice

Obviously, I'll be a little late.

It was when I was preparing for tonight’s events to unfold that I received a call. Even though the I.D. said Private Number , I was already certain who it was.
“Hello?” I inquire.
“Hello, Mr. SpYttE.” The slick voice of Donovan Matthews. Wonder what could be on his mind?
As if answering my question, he says, “You have a gig, my man.”
Puzzled, I say, “Really? When?”
“Two hours from now. The original opening act is unable to play. The lead guitarist was staked last night. We don’t quite know the circumstances, but they are refusing to play.”
“Such short notice, though? What about the rest of the guys?”
“Already been called. They are waiting outside. We only lack you.”
I pause. “Really? I’m the last member you call? I feel a tad offended at that.”
“Don’t think of it as being less important. Think of it as us taking care of the hard part for you. I’m sure we do a better job at convincing your band to play on such short notice than you do. Either way, the gig is at the Sprint Mobil Colosseum. you are opening for Schadenfreude and Dredge Symphonia for their Hell Upon Dusk Tour. As your manager, I strongly recommend taking this.”
I bristled at the insult, but I knew he was right. Who knew what kind of PR we could get from this. “Alright, then.”
“The U-Haul is outside, waiting for you. Rock hard!” Click

I walk back into my room to wake up Nicole. “Wake up, babe. We’ve got a show to do.”
She was already awake and half dressed, clasping her black bra, as she looked up at my sudden entry. “Okay. What should I tell the others?”
“Surprise show at the Sprint Mobil Colosseum. Opening act for Dredge Symphonia and Schadenfreude. Biggest show we’ve yet to do.”
“Alright. When?”
“Two hours from now. The U-Haul is waiting for us now.”
“Sh*t! Making this fast then!” She slides back on her jeans, shoes, and top faster than I’d seen any mortal do, then she picks her DROID up, and starts typing keys like a bat out of hell.
“Let’s move. You can finish that in the van.” I pick up my Jackson, and move it to it’s case.

Well. Here we go. This is going to be big. The guys should understand.


Real life: I get off work at 10. When I get back, SpYttE should be either finishing, or just finished.

Short Notice

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