Ultimate New York By Night

Second Thoughts and Choices

::Arturo shines an ostentatious crocodile skin shoe from the old country::

Elysium-What is it? Greek? Latin? Heaven? Forget about it. ::Sigh:: I could very well be fucking myself here throwing in with Buchanan.Maybe it’s a goddamn set-up and the bosses are just using me as a guinea pig to see how they stand with the Camarilla family.Ha! guinea for sure.::examines his polishing job::

What if they see through the whole Giancarlo Andolini-Ventrue thing? As soon as I leave “heaven” they’ll stake me out for the sun-Shit.::picks up the other shoe,and begins to polish it::It will be my so called mates who will come at me.That’s how it’s always done,I will be called for some sort of sit down and then…..Fuck it. ::Arturo tosses the shoes aside:: These won’t work-too ethnic-I’ll wear the Stacey Adams Wing-Tips.Very Ventrue.

::Arturo walks to his closet and begins looking through his suits::

Ok what suit?

The purple Zoot suit? It would be fine with the crocodile shoes-Something one would wear when one of the family is gonna get made,but too tacky for this occasion, maybe, and draw too much attention to myself-Naw ::slides the hanger to the next suit:: The black Armani-Now this is a suit! It says money,power if not a bit somber.One knows they’re doing alright when one has such a suit in their closet. ::Arturo strokes it appreciatively::But I don’t want to look like I just came from a fucking funeral.This suit would make me look like I am trying too hard-This suit is for the “special” special occasion.::slides the hanger to the next suit:: My new Mantoni with white pinstripes-Yes. Perfect. Elegant stylish not too tacky not too formal.

::Arturo pulls out his new 45 from his drawer:: Beautiful gun ::cocks it and takes aim.:: ::Click:: ::oils it and loads the magazine with bullets and slides the magazine home:: Smooth deadly. Embrace without the proxy kiss? Take the safety off,pull back the hammer stick it in your pants and hope to God and Sonny Jesus it doesn’t blow your nuts off. ::Sigh::


::sits on the bed::
A made guy? Too obvious too dangerous. I can imagine one of those guys in Elysium cutting loose and breaking my balls over something from sometime,and then I would have to cover and answer a bunch of questions. No grazie.One of those guys would go over like a turd in a bowl of Cheerios-Might be worth it.::smiles:: Nope it would be my ass and then the Bosses would ask me why our cover was blown.

Victor Millner? Hmmmmm. Yes but later. I’m gonna give him the proxy kiss.Introduce him to the family nice and slow,besides I couldn’t easily replace him if I were to give him the embrace;and I might need him if things go bad.Later- for something special and when all my ducks are in a row. I need to talk to the guys at the firm first anyway.

::Replaces the 45 into the leather shoulder holster::

I would love to embrace Valerie,but she ain’t family.I wonder if you can embrace someone married into the family? ::Arturo imagines marrying Valerie and what she might look like in a white wedding gown. ::Snorts:: She certainly can’t wear white with some of the things she done.
If I were still alive,I would make her my queen and we would rule this town. We would be rolling in dough. Forget about it! Man if I walked into Elysium with her on my arm,the roses would wet themselves in joy or envy-Maybe both. ::Ponders:: Nah she has a good thing where she’s at,and she ain’t family-Blood is thicker than water and all that. I like how things are between us now.

Eva-A wild card.Dangerous. She’s so young and I am sure my sister would never speak to me again. ::smiles:: I’ll put my sister in my will-a dowry- like they did in the old country.Talk to Victor.Maybe start the proxy kiss when we get my will straightened out. I wonder if all this shit will work out? It better or it’s my ass for sure. Is Eva ready? She might go bat shit on me-she seems half crazy already.It would gaurantee our connection as long as we continued to exist. I would have to stress how important it is she keeps her cool. But is it right? ::Arturo rubs his eyes:: If it ain’t me then it will be one of the creeps for sure.At least with me,it stays in the immediate family. I can protect her get her strong.It would be in the family with the creeps too,but it’s a part of the family she ain’t even met let alone know of. They’ll get to her in the end anyway. She’s a Rosselini too. Necromancy is in her blood and she’s a natural. ::shutters:: I’ll talk to Tino about it,domani

::Feels the sun rising and slowly sinks on to the bed to sleep the sleep of the dead.



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