Ultimate New York By Night

Recent Twitter Feed of SpYttE

The crowd is really going for it tonigjhkjhk,- -about an hour ago via DROID

Press talk. Chit-chat chit-chat, and boob signing/tasting. Might have her for later loool!-Mood: Thirsty but horny -about an hour ago via DROID

F-cking hell, Buch! What did I do to you to deserve a swarming?-Mood: Rushed and pissed -about 2 hours ago via DROID

Playing at the Wylde Zebra tonite! I hope their ready to have their asses kicked back to their black sheeted beds! trololol-Mood: Ass-kicker -about 3 hours ago via DROID

Sheesh, Buch! I can say whatever I want to to those pricks! I could take them down any night of the week!-Mood: Pissed -about 3 hours ago via DROID

Waiting for the show to start. Time can’t move any slooooooooower!-Mood: Impatient/Sober -about 3 hours ago via DROID



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