Ultimate New York By Night

Radio Interview on 105.3 VMP

Jim:“And we’re back to the #1 hard rock and metal station in New York: 105.3 VMP: The Vampyre! With us in the studio tonight is the assembled members of local night-dwelling act, Stripped Cog Nightmare! They are here to discuss with us their upcoming album, their past and future, and to play us a live in-studio set. SpYttE, you’re the head-honcho in charge of this act. What can you tell the listeners of your plans for the future?”

SpYttE:" Well Jim, I have to say, I’m really psyched about the upcoming album, due to it being our first major label production. Uhhh… We have no idea on the release date yet, but we’re going re-record a few tracks from our previous albums, particularly Hymen of Mortality and BloodRape. This is not, you know, us being out of ideas, but we figure the professional production and how the songs have evolved after the first recording that uh, would give us better songs."

Jim:" So are you afraid that you will be alienating a portion of your fanbase with rerecording these songs?"

SpYttE:" Not at all, man. The fucking fans-"

Jim:" Hey! Language, bro!"

SpYttE:" Right, sh- I mean sorry. Anyway, the fans will love whatever we do, as long as we don’t sell out. We’re here to shank people with our serrated blend of extreme metal and goth-synth, and we’re not going to relent. Sure, we can be more goth-synth than metal on one track and the opposite on the next, but that’s what we are and we aren’t fu- erm- gonna change."

Jim:" Right? I’ve heard that you guys have trouble holding onto guitar players?"

SpYttE:" Well… That seems to have… uh… settled down. ShAnK here has been pretty persistent with staying with us, so I call him a full time member. Best damn guitarist we’ve had so far to say the least. Say hi, to the fans man!

ShAnK:" Hi!"(Subdued, due to being out of the mic’s range)

Jim:" And as far as your studio team goes-"

SpYttE:" Undecided. All we have set in stone is us four, and our manager, Donovan Mathews. Producers and mixers are still being hooked up with, you know?"

Jim: “Ah. So what are you guys going to give us tonight?”

SpYttE: “I think we’re going to give you guys our rendition of Sisters of Mercy’s No Time to Cry.
I’d like to describe the sound of it as Marilyn Manson and Children of Bodom doing a collaboration. It sounds sick as hell!”

Jim:" Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s hear it!"

SpYttE:" Ok. Hey guys ready? Count off from SLyMe?"

Four rhythmic cymbal crashes from SLyMe, and the music blazes in


I will be working ‘til 11PM tomorrow, so I’ll be late for the session.

Radio Interview on 105.3 VMP

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