Ultimate New York By Night

Phone Call between Arturo and Tino Giovanni

Tino: Nephew Come stai? and how goes the business you’re doing for the family?

Arturo:Bene Signore-I am slowly gaining the trust of some of the members of the family Camarilla.

Tino:Good what can you tell me,so I can tell the bosses at the next sit down?

Arturo: I could tell you more if I didn’t have so many other things to do,you know?

Tino: Hey family business interests come before our dealings with the Camarilla.You should know that!

Arturo:I know I know.

Tino: So give me what you have.

Arturo:Ok I met three members of the family Camarilla so far. There is Buchanan-The guy is loaded and he has ambitions.

Tino: Oh yeah-How so?

Arturo: I think he wants to solidify this family Camarilla somehow and became boss of this family.Now this family tree has lots of branches and they don’t work together so good.

Tino: Hmmmm-Who else is there?

Arturo:There is this “Nos” named Alberecht,but we call him Al. I guess he don’t get along so good with his branch of the family-I don’t know what’s up with that. He’s a good guy-sort of weird.He reminds me of the Bosses somehow.

Tino: Oh yeah?

Arturo: I think there is a lot more going on under the surface.

Tino: You mean……?

Arturo: No no I don’t think he is doing necromancy exactly,but something like it maybe.I don’t know. It’s just a feeling.

Tino:And the last?

Arturo: He goes by the name of Spytte. I guess he is some sort of rock star and sleeps late because of it.I only met him briefly once.He’s good to have in a fight,but he causes trouble from all accounts.He hates the “Nos” Twat.

Tino: What have you done for these members of the Camarilla?

Arturo: Well I pistol whipped this kindred called Tzimice-He fucked up my gun with a quickness.I’m glad I used my gun on him and not my fists.

Tino: What’s it got to do with anything?

Arturo:I don’t know,but I thought it would be useful to show them that their enemies are my enemies. Nothing like a good pistol whipping to get the blood boiling.

Tino:Well you just watch your back.

Arturo:Oh yeah,sure.

Tino:What else?

Arturo:I don’t know exactly. I guess that there is this babe called Milan everyone is looking for. She is in the branch of the Camarilla family called the roses.Anyway I guess she must be some piece of ass-Everyone wants her.I heard maybe the “Nos” have her over some vendetta or something like that.

Tino: Is that it?

Arturo: Well yeah-like I said I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with them due to other family business I need to take care of.

Tino: Ok I will tell the Bosses what’s going on. Keep at it and continue to gain their trust.If anything changes we’ll let you know. Ciao

Arturo:Ciao Signore.



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