Ultimate New York By Night

Meeting the Nos and Learning of Terrors.

A Selection from "Albrecht's Reflections"

Rutgar ::Bam Bam:: its me again – let me in. Quickly.

Master ::quickly glancing over the dirtied and distressed form before him before casting his eyes downward:: what happened tonight?

It is on little matter Rutgar, just quiet for a moment and close that door quickly. I will be going below – let no one enter, be it Buchanan or the Praxis or Cain himself. We will talk of this on our next rising.

::Albrecht quickly opens the inner sanctum and rushes below – the solid steel doors closing slowing after his receding form::

All those Nos – terrified. I am in deep shit, I thought those stories were just another of my sires cruel jokes. I am not safe alone – I’m not safe anywhere. My kin felt danger despite all their defenses and knowledge.

I have acted most poorly this night – I thought myself safe at last from Jethro and my kind. Only to learn I have come among greater terrors with only the friendship of one silver tongued Ventrue. Buchanan can’t keep me safe from these things – th the Syndicate can help. Gods I’ve spurned them this night – I need them if I am to be safe. What in the hells can I do – can I hide from them? ::In his panic Al is pulling the dying hair from his mask in clumps, not seeing them fall to the floor::

Would I be safer with the Nos? If I go among them they will kill me – they with tamper with my work and mock my art. I need more ghouls – stronger doors and stronger weapons. How can this be real – I’m the predator now I CAN’T BE HUNTED!

::A muffled knock comes from above and an indistinguishable voice::

Gods it trailed me back here! Rutgar is dead… ::Al finally notices the flashing light of the coms systems::

Who who is it?!

Master, its just me sir – I’m worried and scared. Can I come below tonight?

::Al quickly glances at the security screens, it all looks clear but what unknown powers might these things have?"::

Rutgar, are you alone up there?

Yes, Master. Why are you so scared?

A vampire fears nothing – the first mask we got together, do you remember it?

Yes sir, we took the face from one of your sires kine. A pretty girl with bright eyes, you never wear women’s faces though – quite a waste.

::A low rumble echoes off the subterranean lair as the doors slide open – and just as quickly slide back::

Master! Your face! What happened?!

::Albreacht hand darts to a small mirror kept on him at all times – and he stares into the reflection::

Gods, I’ve destroyed it. Rutgar I must tell you about something, but I will need to be calm. Could you fetch the Facade, it always brings me an air of peace.

Yes Master – but after please tell me.

::The two talk till sunrise about the terrors that sup upon sewer rats – and of what must be done to secure the research, to make sure it can go on.::



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