Ultimate New York By Night

Home Invasion

::The night is harsh – the chill of the recent rains chill upon unfeeling flesh, dripping in thick globes of crimson from a mutilated countenance. The beast stumbles down into the dark, the peaceful darkness, towards the heart of its lair – to peace and security. ::

::The bloody being bangs at the doors – only to find them swinging open in a chilly invitation. The lights are shattered their powdered remains cast haphazardly along the dusty floors and the every present and helpful retainer, Rutger, is no where to be seen. Several of the cell doors yawn open onto deep darkness, the tiny cells seeming to stretch on into eternity.::

::There is something deeply wrong here.::

Ruthh-garr! Wharr ar yuu! ::Albrecht stumbles half blind into the defiled expanse of Safe Storage – perhaps a less than fitting name now. Shambling down the long dark hall, Al makes his way to the cells of Milan and Geert – carved deeply into the thick iron doors reads “Nice purties. Son.” Leaning heavily on the doors, Al is frozen in shock. This place was to be a sanctuary away from everything – not less than a week later Jethro has found it. Its over an hour before Al shakily rises from the floor – a thin veil of dust having settled in the long stillness. Throwing the doors open to the two closed rooms reveals his guests gagged and bound, more so than before, but otherwise untouched.::

Dammmmm uooooo Jeth-ooooo! ::As the anguished cries echo into the shadows a pained moan answers from the O.R. – only one resident is unaccounted for. Moving quickly now, Al dashes through the last set of doors to find Rutger laying is a pool of thick congealed blood. His breath is shallow, leaning in to check his pulse – it merely flutters at the gates of death. Wasting no time – Al gashes his wrist open and bleeds the precious vatae into Rutger’s mouth. Seeing to the more serious wounds, it is only moments before Rutger is back to himself::

::Rutger rises slowly and sits upon the operating table – his legs hanging limply down:: Master, I must ask your deepest apologies. ::Unable to retain the stiff back, Rutger’s posture slouches down:: he appeared like you master. He came in and inspected Miss Milan and Sir Geert – then we went into the O.R. and that’s all I remember other than that horrible laughter and the pain. ::Rutger slowly raises his eyes and sees his master’s face for the first time this night, the ruin played out before him:: Master! ::Rutger straightens and reaches his hands out to Al’s face:: What happened?! Did Jethro do this? ::The anger starts to grip his voice then falls away to fear and weakness::

Noo noo, I deth thes to mythef – thouth Jeth-oo plathed a parth. ::Carefully taking his friends hands from his face and setting them upon his lap:: Juth reth, I’ll rethern lather. Asth me sumthith of theth crath-t to makth surth ::disgusted with him self Al stops and merely pats his chest me::

::Al helps his ghoul up and to his room down the hall – before returning to the lab to clean himself up. With the bones cleaned and new wood installed and ready for a new mask, Al takes down the loathsome “Face of Wrath”:: Finally, whole again. Anger, strength and viciousness. These are the things Jethro understands, I have grown and will meet him in kind.

::Albretch stalks back to his own chambers to face his troubled dreams::



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