Ultimate New York By Night

Cleaning Up Everyone's Mess

The Coterie Uncovers A New Haven

[Brooklyn Zoo]
The party had just finished wasting a few hippies cum violent ELF members who decided it was in their best interest to steal a bag full of military grade explosives from shadowy characters they had followed to the Brooklyn Zoo. Three of these fine young men had already been killed through various means and three more lay writhing in pain hog tied, all lying in wait to become a hungry den of alligators midnight snack. Its not easy to shake loose the lunch of the undead but seeing 6 humans fed to a den of ravenous alligators comes close. That mess was taken care of but there was still much to do at the scene of NYC’s as yet to be latest missing persons report. The group had been on park CCTV the entire time, the concrete was still had massive puddles of slowly coagulating blood, and a group of tigers was, for the first time in history perhaps, one inner-city poaching closer to extinction. The group decided that Eddie‘s help would be required to deal with the server room whose connected cameras were still silently recording. Corey decided that the best way to deal with the blood stains would be to spray everything down with cleaner, like he saw in the movies time and time again, however,O’Ryan suggested that she knew a couple of hungry wild animals that would make short work of the stains. By the time the park hyenas had finished lapping their tasty treat off the ground the Eddie had done enough hacking to keep the zoos experts busy for weeks. The only issue still on the groups mind was the dead tiger. O’Ryan was comforted by the fallen tigers mate only to be warned that the zoo must be respected and next time the animals would not be so eager to help O’Ryan and her friends.

[Kurt Teaches the Group How to Chop Cars]
The group wiped their hands clean, locked down the zoo and patted themselves on the back for a job well done. As the group grabbed their black duffel bag full of clues and guns they headed to their car only to realize that there was still another car in the parking lot that shouldn’t be there. To finish cleaning up their mess at the zoo the group quickly realized that they would also have to get rid of a car. A chance run in Corey had with a Brujah a long time ago was the groups only lead. Corey contacted Kurt and let him know that they would be bringing a Bronco direct for disposal. Kurt was a beast of among beasts but was quickly able to have the car stripped down to bare scrap within a few calls and the group quickly welcomed him. Its unsure who is helping who, Kurt certainly has the muscle firepower of a small army with contacts and allies who will aid the group well but Kurt also is a kindred on the run from the law for past indiscretions. Either way, saddled down with extra burden an entirely new dimension was added to the group with their inclusion of Kurt. As the party broke for rest and feeding Corey received a call from his employer and sire, George, Sr. informed Corey that his services as his social surrogate would no longer be needed and ended the call with an abrupt click.

[Corey Wakes up a New Man]
Evening night broke the suns spell and text messages from the night before were finally viewed they read, “Meet up at Pony Express”. Corey moved through his evening rituals as before but suddenly a new sense overwhelmed. First a headache that brought his mind to a screeching halt, flashes of light, and suddenly as is two decks of cards, each containing another persons thoughts his own and a past life not quite his were shuffled together in his mind with a crack Corey was someone different entirely. All of his senses seemed to suddenly gather more information, O’ Ryan’s keen sense of smell suddenly picked up something different, and most important most pressing of all was Corey’s new agenda. Corey suddenly felt as if a shop in Queens he had been to a hundred times a day for many years but couldn’t remember was calling him. It was an overpowering sensation and something that could only be sated through further investigation. As he and O’Ryan rode to the location in his mind Corey texted the other members about their change of plans. When the group finally arrived Corey was outside the shop staring in transfixed on its front windows which had long been frosted over with grime and dust. It was an unholy place of bad feelings and worse vibes.

[Little Shop of Horrors]
The group walked in and meandered through its clothed easels and small pedestals which had all abandoned their baubles to someone unknown to the group. The only clue was the silent thunder and unlit lightening stemming from ominous thunderheads billowing throughout the store. The largest plume seemed to be coming from the back of the shop particularly from an ancient barbarian perched on a bookcase. This was Xurdu, Slayer of Gods, a monster of a mortal who wore a rams skull as a war helmet and claimed to be looking for his trinkets. Eddie noticed a trapdoor that lead to the store house for the shop bellow its wooden floors, he and Corey stepped into the darkness to see what they could find of Xurdu’s baubles. At the bottom of the doors steps was a shotgun down to a small office where a light could be seen. As the groups eyes adjusted to darkness they saw an amazingly beautiful young woman splayed against the wall with a stake running through he body pinning here there against the wall in front a horrific kindred, a Nosferatu named Trapheim. This vampire was particularly hideous his face burned and twisted through evil, his skin was black and thick like tar with only bones breaking their way through his skin breaking the outline of his body. He was the most innocent child’s worst nightmare made a reality. The group quickly jumped into high adrenaline mood and had the meat of the group grab his most powerful firearm his pump action shotgun, O’Ryan popped her claws, Tori pulled squatted just below the lights edge and readied his legendary whip imbued with the anger of 200 years of slavery, all while Eddie hide a manifested wooden stake in his coat. Corey played the role of diplomat and informed the ghoul in his basement that the shop belonged to him and the Nos would need to find a new haven to haunt. The devil snorted are Corey’s demand and told him that if Corey and his group wanted to make claim to the shop they would would have to take it by force. In an act of sincere demand Corey moved to place his hands on the nearest artifact showing the beast that they meant every word the said. Just as Corey’s finger tips touched the closet closest gem the aberration lunged at Corey claws digging deep into his shoulders knocking Corey to the ground prone on his back. Eddie watched on to stunned to move as the ghoul snarled shooting blood and puss into Corey’s face. Blood and adrenaline poured into Corey’s muscle and in almost vestigial response more than self defense shoved the beast off of his self and slammed him onto his back. Eddie’s wits raced back to him and in a shift single shift maneuver slammed his stake into the center of the vampire’s chest tearing through tar and ivory. The tip of the blade came within inches of the kindred’s heart but fell just short of its intended mark. The rest of the group outside heard the commotion and rushed in to aid Corey and Eddie. Patrick threw his whip into the room directly at the monsters face, the thongs on the whip screamed through the air and dug into the vampire’s face sinking in deep and taking hold before pulling back taking the flesh and sinew with them. Corey seized the opportunity and pounded the stake deeper into the chest of the beast. Ultimately it would be the stake’s creator who forced the weapon deep enough into the monster dropping him to the floor. O’Ryan and Kurt arrived just seconds after the action ended only seconds after it began.

The woman, still pinned to the wall, began to moan and the group moved to help her down. Kurt and Corey trained their sights on the woman as Eddie brought the stake out of her. As she hit the floor she looked up with enchantment bringing Eddie and Tori deep into her gaze then in surprise moment that caught the entire group off guard she closed the distance between her and Tori in a starved frenzy as she bit down on Tori’s neck draining the blood from his undead veins. Corey in one swift movement ripped the blood soaked buttons off of Eddie’s pea coat and tore the woman from Torie throat brings bits of skin and tissue with her. Corey forced the blood into the woman’s mother and soon her frenzy vanished and she became calm. She told the group her name, Eleven, and the story of how her and the Nos were once lovers but he became deranged after the embrace, she told them that Trapheim had stolen her away to this basement and shes been here for years. She also informed the group that a blood hunt had be issued against Trap.

The group brushing off the events and looking to set their mind to something up split up the tasks O’Ryan and Kurt began to move the fainted Trap to Kurt’s car while Tori, Eddie, and Corey began to look through the stacks to find Xurdu’s baubles. In the boxes Corey found a small hand gun with a journal that stated this was Hitler’s executioner. This was the gun that the Furher had carried as a sidearm as he ordered legions of boy soldiers to lead mass minorities to their deaths by boxcar and death march. Holding it was a pleasure for Corey as it seemed to fit every contour of his hand perfectly his every palm line matched to a wood grain. Amongst the other items was a chunk of obsidian with Xurdu’s name engraved on it in ancient Sumerian cuneiform. This is the stone that would bring peace to the troubled spirit above.

The group came out from the basement and returned the stone to Xurdu and carried the body out to Kurt’s Mustang. Corey locked the front doors and everyone piled into the car to drop the body off at Kurt’s strip club.

[On the lamb]
On the way to the gangstas paradise the group encountered even more trouble. In the rear view mirror Kurt spotted a black and white patrol car with its siren going and its lights flashing. Kurt’s car was marked and carrying a dead body as well as enough illegal firearms to put Kurt in the federal system for the rest of his un-life. After some questions and some general rattling the beat cop went back to his car to call in the plates and tags. The group could just barely see the officers head lift up through the cruisers window as another marshal strolled up the black and white. Tori had disguised himself as one of the force and was now in control of the situation. The two talked to each other through the window for a bit and then Tori looked through Kurt’s car and wrote him a warning for some offense or other before the officer motioned Tori to come back to the cruiser. The officer informed Tori that the Feds were circling in closer on Kurt and they didn’t want a couple of NYC’s finest interfering with the case. Tori and the cop both dismissed it as typical politics and the group as a whole decided to leave quickly before the subterfuge wore off.

Back at the Pony Express Eddie and Kurt ran into more problems. The body of the nos had just been left the back of Kurt’s mustang. Kurt flung open the door to his private office only to be greeted by Agent Smith the agent heading up the investigation into Kurt’s sordid business dealings. Agent Smith was intense about as intense as a good FBI agent can be before they are forced to cross the line. Agent Smith was unbridled and gruff and would have walked Kurt out in a pair of shiny new bracelets courtesy Uncle Sam for so much as not having his bar licenses up to date, he wanted to, he was just asking Kurt to give him a reason. Kurt and Eddie were able to handle themselves and Eddie was able to without much explanation convince Smith that there was nothing of value in the bar and he should just be moving along. For reasons the group will never fully understand that’s exactly what Agent Smith did, but not before make two vampires sweat. Eddie and Kurt unloaded the body of Trap onto a backroom sofa and made the proper allowance to peering eyes, no one saw anything.

Corey, Tori, Eleven and O’Ryan were in one of the more affluent suburbs of Manhattan looking for Corey’s sire but made no progress not even once Eddie and Kurt showed up. It seems like he lived here but Corey couldn’t remember exactly where and Google maps had a camera glitch over this neighborhood the trail went cold on Senior.

[The Undead Walk….Again]
The group piled into their cars and headed back to the pony express to grab Trap’s body and the evidence bag, both items that would win them favor with the prince. The bag was were it was supposed to be but the body was gone with only blood stains, torn couch cushions, and bits/pieces of Kurt’s men in its place. The group quickly assumed that the men had decided to un-stake the vampire. Just as quickly the issue was discarded in order to get word the Prince on their discovered evidence as quickly as possible they all assumed they could deal with this mess later. The group was riding over the Bridge(?) with the mustang in the front and the Cherokee tailing when suddenly the trunk cover blew off and a black shadow jumped 50 feet straight into the air landing on the hood of the mustang. The engine ground into the asphalt and the tires folded under the sports car as the blur came into focus. It was Trap. Kurt smiled as he reached into side holsters and brought the full power of his twin .45 Glocks to bear on the kindred’s grotesque face. The bullets blew through the windshield drawing glass shards to their own entry holes as they impacted the ghouls face and exited through the other side. The raw force sent the beast reeling backwards as he clawed at his own wounds. Eddie slammed the door shut and stomped towards the beast, materializing another two stakes to end this Kindred’s life. Corey decided attempted a few pot shots with his Mauser and accidentally the vampire.



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