Ultimate New York By Night

Buchanan's Journal #2

Deals and Developments

Three interesting developments, maybe four, to keep track of.

1) Our new comrade, Arturo of the Giovanni Clan. Talks like someone out of a Hollywood mafia flick but obviously a hard man, a “button man” as he puts it. He says his family is ready to help against George Snr and the Sabbat and he’s just the first installment, but it has to be kept “on the low down”. Such quaint colloquialisms. A bit of a rough type: carries a gun to meetings in public places and yet is paranoid about being followed or observed (mind you, who isn’t these days).

N.B. Be more circumspect about the Giovanni’s involvement. (Perhaps already blown this.)

2) Albrecht kidnapped a Pentex security guard and had him neatly trussed up in his basement. Bit of a surprise. More so when he and Arturo set to torturing the poor wight. I couldn’t stomach it, I confess – so I made an excuse about deniability being politically expedient and went back upstairs. At least the guard confirmed where we might find Cassandra Finch, key to the Gangrel – although Al needn‘t have bothered. Still, the bit about political deniability is still true. We might need to know stuff by methods I don’t need to know about.

N.B. make a point of letting Al know that he’s trusted and that if he sees something needing done he should just go ahead and do it without my needing to be in the loop. If it’s something he shouldn’t really be doing or I shouldn’t really know about, he’ll just have to not get caught at it.

3) Edgar says he has a spot of trouble but was unable to tell me what it was. Not good enough. He cut me off to have dinner.

N.B. Get a hold of Edgar, find out what’s going on, remind him sternly of his responsibilities and duties.

4) Met with the Toreador leader Cristophe. He tried a first blood bond by the hoary old “blood in wine” gambit, so I made sure mine got added too. Let it work both ways – I’ve nothing against loyalty being strengthened a bit as long as the strengthening helps me as well as the other party. Probably slipped by mentioning the Toreador to him, but we’ll see. He may actually mean his promises. He also told us everything we’d got from the pentex guard. Al was peeved at what he saw as wasted effort – i saw it as useful to have confirmation. Had a bit of a clash of wills but I’m confident I gave a decent account there, even if he and I almost came to blows. He has to know I intend being the leader, the dominant, even if title and power would suggest otherwise. You have to want it enough and it’s clear Cristophe doesn’t – more concerned with protecting his own Clan’s illegal get and making treaties with the Sabbat than being a Camarilla team player. Sir Edward would have him executed “pour encourage les autres”, but I’ve no such privilege yet.

Still, we’ve a deal: his backing for my future progress if when I get there I’ll give the Toreador the Elder of Manhattan chair, Account his strays and he gets prime choice of Elysium notables. Since they’d be the best I can see so far for both jobs I agreed. He only gets them if he backs me and I succeed though, so there would be no reason I can see (as yet) not to grant those boons as long as he’s loyal. Loyalty must be the reward for loyalty and first come, first served. The deal’s probably more dangerous for him than I at this stage. I’d just get killed if it were public. He’d likely see his whole NYC Clan go down before they let him die.

N.B. I need to test this deal. So set up a way to do a favor for the Toreador and then ask for a slightly larger one in return.



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